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Exploring Colors With Rudolph

22 Dec

20121222-104856.jpgMy girls love art time. In fact, because they dropped naps a long time ago, our “down” time is usually spent coloring or doing some type of craft. The other day we were stuck inside for most of the day. I tried putting on a Christmas movie but in five minutes the girls were fighting. The more activities we do, the happier they are and the less fighting. I was running out of ideas until I saw a used water bottle laying on its side. I thought to myself for a bit while the girls were screaming and decided that water bottle would make a great Rudolph. All I needed was pipe cleaners, google eyes and brown paint. I went to look for the brown paint and realized we didn’t have any. A perfect opportunity to explore colors by mixing primary colors. We started painting but my girls were having trouble mixing the paint to make brown so we started over with a new plan. I got two more plastic water bottles, filled them with tap water and pulled out the food coloring. My youngest mixed red and blue first making purple, then added green making the water look black. My older daughter started with red and then added green making her water a better shade of brown for “Rudolph”. Next we decorated our bottle cap with a red glitter glue pen for Rudolph’s nose. I then used tacky glue and the girls placed the eyes and antlers on the bottle.  The tacky glue wouldn’t hold so I reinforced with a glue gun. Rudolph is a fun activity, especially on a cold day like today.  The girls had a great time seeing who could get the closest to brown.  Save it and use it for a place card holder for your holiday gathering.




Holiday Entertaining Event With Momtrends

15 Dec

20121214-171038.jpgI don’t entertain very often. In fact hardly ever. I love the thought of having a great party but I never know where to begin when it comes to picking a theme, how to decorate or what and how much to serve. I need someone to do it for me because I have a hard time making decisions (Thank goodness for my mom and the wedding planner when I got married). My family will be coming up Christmas Day and my husband and I will be in charge of organizing decor and food! Thank goodness for the Momtrends Holiday Entertaining event I went to at The New Traditionalists gorgeous showroom!  It was so beautiful I want to redecorate my apartment with all their custom-made furniture!

20121214-171029.jpgAt the event, Elizabeth Mascali and Dawn Sandomeno of Partybluprints spoke about how to plan a party. Tips shared- find your inspiration, choose a color, keep it simple, keep in mind the vibe and don’t forget about decorating the space (chandeliers) above the table. In the image to the right, you will see an all white table set up with the Heavens as their inspiration. To get the heavenly look angel wings were added to all the glasses.  A little sparkle on the place card frames and snowflakes dangling in the chandelier above added a beautiful touch when it caught the light.  For the kids, use a mitten for utensils and use some of your favorite decorations for the table.   If you need help for your next event check out their book Plan to Party, which shares everything you need to know for entertaining from start to finish with menu ideas and grocery lists included! I may have to throw a party soon!

Picture 2With keeping it simple in mind, I was very excited to meet Loren from Sweet Loren’s. I have a holiday party this weekend I offered to bring dessert to but don’t have much time to bake. I will definitely be running to Whole Foods to get the delicious ready bake brownies and one of the cookies. There are so many yummy cookie choices; bold espresso chunk, chewy oatmeal cranberry and heavenly chocolate chunk. There is also a nutty peanut butter oatmeal cookie that was amazing but will not be baking at home because of my daughters allergy. Note that the dough is made in a faculty that contains nuts. And even though cleaned, not recommended for children with allergies (more for me). To add festive flare, Loren suggested adding sprinkles.
20121214-171102.jpgIf you don’t entertain much like myself and love going to parties, Momtrends showcased great gifts for the hostess which included rewined candles, a Dabney Lee monogrammed bottle cover and serving tray, as well as a Gaiam recycled paper frame. My favorite of the night to give as a gift or add a little fun after dinner is the game Typecrush. I became addicted after the event and it is a must for after my Christmas Day dinner.

Thank you to Momtrends and all who sponsored the event.  To see the Momtrends recap and a list of all the sponsors, click here!

Happy Entertaining or Party Going this Holiday Season!