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Fun Friday with Reverse Charades (Review and Giveaway)

30 Aug

Picture 14

Over the summer we played a lot of games.  Our favorite game was Reverse Charades: Junior Edition.  We received a sample not long ago and have had a blast playing as a family.  The game includes a box of words to act out, a timer, and a “Rules of Play” card.

Picture 15

How to Play:


My girls are 3 and 5, so they are a little young for the game but my husband and I paired up with them to help out.  We selected words that would be easy for the kids to act out.  Some of their favorite words to act out are sick, ice cream cone, leapfrog, chew, ring pop and leapfrog. The girls had difficulty keeping quiet and mouthing words, which you lose points for.  At first they were upset when they lost points but then when someone forgot the rule they would laugh.  The highlight was watching my husband and I act out words.  I must admit, there were some difficult words to act out that we had to pass on.  Reverse Charades has made our summer nights and “Fun Fridays” very entertaining.


Once the girls head back-to-school, their bed time is early except for the weekends!  Fridays we have family fun or they invite friends over for PJ parties but bed times are put aside for “Fun Friday”.  Friday fun usually consists of movies or games.  Reverse Charades makes a great gift for birthdays or holidays.  It is fun for adults and is the perfect game to play at PJ parties, sleepovers, play dates, or with family.  It’s a game that will certainly fill a room with laughter.

Can you guess her word?

Can you guess her word? 😉

Reverse Charades is available these four editions; Original, Junior, French and Dutch for $23.99.   Expansion word packs are available for $9.99 which include the Hollywood Edition, the Canadian Edition, the Sports Edition, the Holiday Edition, and the Girls’ Night In Edition.  In addition to being an awesome game, when you buy Reverse Charades, a portion of the price supports efforts to bring laughter to kids and their families at Children’s Hospitals. Reverse Charade is available at Barnes & Noble, Hallmark, Learning Express and Amazon or find other retailers to buy near you.

Check out Reverse Charades on YouTube to see how much fun you can have with the game!

Click the link to ENTER to WIN a Reverse Charades Junior Edition game for a Fun Friday with friends and family.  Giveaway ends on 9/13/2013 @11:59 pm EST!

Disclaimer: I received a sample of Reverse Charades for the purpose of this review and a sample for the giveaway.  All opinions expressed are my own.  Any information in italics came from the Reverse Charades website.

Friday Fun: St. Patrick’s Day

15 Mar

Minus the lack of space, apartment living is great.  There are so many kids in our building, it makes it easy to throw on slippers and head up to the elevator to go to a friend’s house.  No messing with coats, gloves, or strollers.  My oldest has met many nice girls in our building.  They are older by 2, even 4 years but they treat her like she is their age and have no problem coming over to play.  Recently, a mom and I started alternating apartments for PJ parties.  The girls gather on a Friday night in their pajamas to have dinner, watch a movie, eat popcorn, make art projects and play games.  Tonight is my night to host so we are going with a St. Patrick’s Day them since it is on Sunday.

The list of activities, all found on Pinterest, include:

Necklaces to wear on St. Patrick’s Day:  We are adapting the instructions by using dyed pasta because we do not have the wood beads.

Image from eighteen25

Image from eighteen25

“Lucky” Handprint Clovers to give to their parents:

Image from Parenting.com

Image from Parenting.com

For dinner the girls are going to have our favorite Nuovo Pasta in the shape of shamrocks.  On the side they will have “lucky” four leaf clover cucumber slices.


Instead of popcorn for the movie, the girls are going to snack on lucky charms and milk similar this adorable St. Patrick’s Day breakfast idea I found on Pinterest:

Have a Fun Friday and a Happy St. Patrick’s Day Weekend!