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Ideas For Thanksgiving Fun

20 Nov

I always enjoyed sitting at the “kids table” when my entire family got together for meals over the Holidays.  It gave me a sense of independence and freedom from my parents and I got to sit with my older cousins, who I looked up to.  We are headed down to my parents in Virginia this year.  It’s the first time in a long time, I can’t even remember how long, that we will be getting together with extended family.  There will be about 60 people and I am excited for my girls to experience the “kids table” with the next generation cousins.  In the past, we got together at a family members house so the kids could run around in the yard or play in the basement.  With the number of people expected, we had to rent a place so I have been on Pinterest everyday trying to find ideas to spruce up the “kids table” and keep them entertained until it is time to eat.  Here are five ideas I found for Thanksgiving fun:

1.  Pin It: My girls love Pin the ____ games.  We decided to make a Pin the Gobbler on the Turkey game.  Each child will get a gobbler.  They will have to write what they are thankful for on it.  They will be blindfolded and will have try to pin it closest to where the gobbler goes. My daughter just finished coloring and is checking out how her gobbler will look.

2. Coloring is always great for keeping little ones entertained.  I love this crayon holder from parents.com.  Put a turkey at each seat or spread a few out on the table for sharing.  Make sure to leave some paper or print Thanksgiving Themed coloring pages.

Image from parents.com. Click to find out how to make this adorable Turkey.

2.  Let them Play: These finger puppets are adorable from The Idea Room are adorable and you can purchase the pattern for $2.50.

Image from The Idea Room

3. Mix it up: The kids can make this adorable Gratitude Turkey Treat Jar from Toddler Approved while they wait for dinner or dessert.  Fill it with a snack mix or left over Halloween candy as they suggest to take home.  My oldest came up with a mix using cheerios, raisins, dried cranberries, Brach’s Autumn Mix and Enjoy Life chocolate chips.

Image from Toddler Approved, click link to find out how to make.

4.  Save your place:  My oldest loves place cards.  She enjoys looking for her name and her sisters name.  Attempt to avoid arguing over who is sitting next to who by using adorable these adorable place cards from Dandee: A Happily Crafted Life. We are going to try cutting lollipop sticks so the little ones don’t poke themselves on the toothpick.

Image from Dandee: A Happily Crafted Life, click link to find out how to make.

5. Story Time:  Have the older kids read to the younger kids at the table.  A few fun Thanksgiving books we love are:

Image from Barnes and Noble.

Image from Barnes and Noble.

Image from Barnes and Noble.

A Journey Through Motherhood: Join Belabumbum on Pinterest!

25 Apr

Image from Belabumbum.com

While I was at the MomTrends Living in Style Event last week I met Heidi and Alyssa, founders of Belabumbum. I learned about their exciting pinterest campaign/ contest to showcase the journey through motherhood to celebrate their 10th Anniversary. I look forward to joining their campaign.

When I took my first pregnancy and it read pregnant, I thought there was no way I was pregnant.  Sure enough, after four tests to confirm, I was pregnant with my first daughter Maddie.  Little did I know what was in store for, no book or class could fully prepare me for the journey I was about to take.  Nine months went by super fast and my life had changed forever. Then 19 months later, number two joined our family.  As a full-time stay at home mom, some days are amazing and other days can bring you to tears. My girls have more shoes, clothes, and accessories than I have and I rarely take time to shop and update my wardrobe, especially when it comes to sleepwear.  My husband always laughs because I wear over-sized T-s and shorts to bed- far from cute or sexy. It’s amazing how life changes when you have kids.  Follow my journey on My Belabumbum Board.

To join:

Tell your journey and join the Belabumbum pinterest campaign and win a $500 Belabumbum shopping spree! There are three easy steps:

  1. Create — Create a “My Belabumbum” board on your Pinterest account. (It’s easy to join, just request an invitation.)
  2. Pin — Pin images on your  ”My Belabumbum” board that represent your blooming — your journey through motherhood and what makes you feel good at the stage you’re at right now. Show us your favorite Belabumbum pieces, as well as other images that resonate with you. Include anything you want: people, places, spaces, things — whatever inspires you. In the pin descriptions, jot down a few words or a short explanation of why you chose that pin.
  3. Tweet — Tweet us a link to your board (@Belabumbum) using the hashtag #mybelabumbum.

Belabumbum will announce the winner at the end of May.

Check out “Show Us Your Belabumbum” on Pinterest

Image from Belabumbum.com