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Jill Vegas: The School of Speed Decorating (A Four Week Online Course)

5 Sep


It is an exciting time for Jill Vegas. Her book, SPEED DECORATING, sold out after hitting #1 on Amazon.com in decorating and is now in its 2nd printing (press release on The School of Speed Decorating). On September 17, she will launch The School of Speed Decorating.  The 4-week on-line course will include hot design tips, a weekly call to check in, instructional videos and worksheets.  Each week will cover a new room: Speed Kitchen, Speed Living Room, Speed Bedroom and Speed Bedroom.  Jill Vegas will teach the seven steps to decorating success, give practical and fun guidance, how to showcase your personal style within your rooms, and will give tips for transforming your home without spending a fortune (Speed Decorate).

Tips for Cleaning (something I feel like I am constantly doing) from Jill’s book Speed Decorating! Image from Amazon.com

In the four years I have lived in our building, very little has changed in my decor with the exception being my girls room because we had to reorganize to fit a bed.  I have been bored with my decor for some time and want my walls painted with something other than white.  I met Jill Vegas in April at a Momtrends Living Event at Exhale Spa.  Since, then I have wanted to re-decorate my apartment but haven’t known where to start with getting rid of the clutter accumulated over the years.  One of the most challenging aspects of decorating is to get organized than tackle the decorating plan (Jill Vegas). I am looking forward to seeing what Jill’s class has to offer.  To find out more about turning your home from frumpy to fabulous in a few weeks (press release) or to buy ($149) click here.

Some inspiration from Jill’sBook (Images from SPEED DECORATING):

MomTrends at Exhale Spa Meatpacking

24 Apr

Image from exhalespa.com

Last week I attended the MomTrends Living in Style Event at Exhale Spa Meatpacking.  The morning started with a choice of a spa treatment: a polish change with Scotch Naturals, a massage, a skin consultation, or ear seeds from Exhale Spa.  I decided to try the ear seeds since I had never heard about them before.  Ear seeds are an acupuncture therapy in which a hard seed(s) are taped to different pressure points in your ear to help relieve stress.  Seeds can last up to 2 weeks, mine is still there a week later.  I am not sure if it is helping me relieve stress though.  I only had one seed placed in and with both girls going through difficult stages in the toddler years, I think I may have needed a few more put in.  Not sure if I would go back for more seeds but I would love to go back to try other acupuncture therapies or the acupuncture massage.

Ear Seed

After therapies, delicious wraps were provided by The Fresh Diet and dessert from Keep It Sweet. While eating I listened to presentations from sponsors: Stokke, Belabumbum, Exhale Spa, and Jill Vegas and was able to check out their products.  Did you know that parents send their kids to college with their STOKKE Trip Trap Highchair to be used as their desk chair?  Such a great idea that I will do with my girls.  I have so many friends who are new moms and have needed ideas for a gift.  I love Belabumbum’s adorable mom and baby sets, my favorite is the Starlit set.  Jill Vegas inspired me to redecorate my apartment during her presentation.  She showed different ways to add bright colors like peony pink and blue lapis into the home without going over the top.  I may need to sign up for Jill’s six-week online speed decorating class that starts in June.  Other sponsors included: FunBites, Method, Scotch Naturals, and Karin Von Voigtlander Photography.

STOKKE Trip Trap

Mom and Baby Sets: The perfect shower or Mother's Day gift for a new or expecting mom.

Peony Pink! Image from MomTrends.

After the presentations, I took a Core Fusion Classwith Anna G which was ridiculously hard but an excellent workout.  The class focused on all areas: arms, legs, glutes, and abs and included stretching between sets. My core has never been the same since becoming a mom but I think with a few more classes I can get relatively close to where I was before. I was very sore for a few days after but it reminded me that I need to take time out of my day to get back into shape.

Image from MomTrends

To read more about the event, see the MomTrends recap.

Disclaimer:  I did not receive compensation for this post.  I received a generous gift bag with products from the sponsors.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Thank you to MomTrends and the sponsors for putting together a wonderful event!