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Sending Love & Cheer This Holiday Season With Minted (GIVEAWAY)

11 Oct

I love receiving Holiday cards from friends and family.  At the end of the season we create a Holiday book with all the beautiful cards we receive.  I also love sending cards but every year I wait until the last-minute to do my Holiday cards.  This year I got a head start, thanks to a photo session with Big Apple Portraits (review coming soon). Now that I have photos, choosing my favorite picture and then finding the right card is my biggest challenge (see below for Minted Giveaway)


Minted.com is one of my favorite sites for cards, invitations and even art. I love the variety and the gorgeous designs to choose from, especially for the Holidays. This  year I have teamed up with Minted for a $50 giveaway to use towards your Holiday cards (or anything outside of art work).  All you need to do is help me choose the design for my Holiday card this year. I have chosen some of my favorite designs below:


Bright Snowflake Spirits


Winter Brush Foil-pressed Card


Merry Typography Foil-pressed Card


Snow Flurry


Snowy Love and Joy


Just Dotty

You will need to leave a comment with your favorite picture and card design.  Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway
to be eligible to win and for more entry possibilities.  A random winner will be selected.  Good Luck, can’t wait to see your favorite!

About Minted: Minted crowd-sources design and art from a global community of independent designers, then sells their best designs as fine products such as stationery, wall art, and décor for the home, holidays, and occasions.  For more information visit www.minted.com!

Disclaimer: I will receive a credit to minted.com for this post.  All opinions expressed.  A big thank you to Big Apple Portraits for the beautiful photos of my girls and thank you to Minted for your support.  Images of all the card designs and information in italics came from Minted.com

Not Ready to Part with Holiday Cards? Make A Flip Book

2 Jan

Aside from the snowflake lights that hang from our window, all the Christmas decorations are down. The hardest part for my daughter is taking the beautiful Holiday photo cards of friends and family off the wall. We like to keep them as long as possible but they always end up all over the apartment. This year I decided to make her a photo book with all the cards so that we can keep them for a while and they won’t be everywhere. It was easy to make. All you need is a hole puncher and a binder ring. Punch the corners of the cards and put them on the clip. At the end put your family card (if you have extras or made one) on the front for the cover of the book.  My daughter loves her book!


Share Our Strength Holiday Cards To Help Make No Kid Hungry This Holiday!

12 Dec

Picture 11Picture 12My girls and I have talked about giving and not just wanting this Holiday season.  I recently learned about  Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry Campaign has two styles of Holiday cards to choose from.  The cards are perfect to tie to a candy cane to give to teachers, classmates, and friends.  You can also attach them to gifts for family or if you are having a Holiday Party, you can hang them from a tree for or place them at a table for guests to take home.  All donations/ proceeds will go towards making sure NO KIDS GOES HUNGRY THIS HOLIDAY SEASON! Purchasing one card or a $10 donation helps connect a child to 100 mealsPurchase or donate now by clicking the links!

Share Our Strength has also teamed up with Family Fun for a live Facebook Q&A on December 14th at 1PM EST with Chef Marc Murphy held on Family Fun’s Facebook Page. A judge on the Food Network show Chopped and the owner of four successful restaurants, Chef Murphy will share with participants how to create holiday meals for less!


Crafty Cards

9 Dec

Every year we get so many adorable holiday cards from friends and family and I never know the best way to display them.  Last year, I tapped them to the window and as soon as it got colder the tape came off ; leaving all the cards piled up on the windowsill until the holidays were over.  Maddie  loved taking her friends cards from the pile throughout the day and would always want to take a few to bed with her.  Needless, to say I would find them all over the place and had to pick them up every night and put them back into a pile on the window sill,   This year I decided to incorporate our cards into our decorations.

The Girls' Room

I was on Babble the other day and saw the post on 15 Ways to Display YOUR Holiday Cards.   I loved the idea of using clothespins and string but I wanted to give a little holiday spirit.   The past couple days have been rainy and nasty out so I needed something to do with the girls, mostly to keep Maddie busy during Pela’s nap. I decided it would be fun to turn our clothespins into Santa, Reindeer, Candy Canes, a Christmas tree and anything else Maddie wanted to do with her clothespins. When Pela was awake she was able to help color clothespins and pass materials to Maddie.  We had a lot of fun working on them together and will make more as we receive more cards.

"Elf" decided to join our friends last night

This is adaptable, your child can decorate your pins any way they like don’t necessarily have to do a holiday theme.   It is fun to let your child’s creative mind be put to work.  I plan on letting Maddie decorate non-holiday clothespins to hang pictures and artwork in her room.

A few of our holiday pins

Here is how we did our Holiday Clothes Pins:

Any activity with young children require adult supervision at all times.  We used a hot glue gun so I made sure to discuss safety with Maddie before and I was the only one to use the gun.  Before she placed objects on I made sure the glue was not too hot for her.  You can also use a heavy craft glue.  I had the sign from a previous year and thought it would be cute for the ribbon to come out from it.  You can do yours with or without a sign in the middle.  A wreath would also be great for the center.

What you need:

  • Assorted colored pipe cleaners (We used a mixed variety of sparkle, basic colors and holiday colors)
  • Crayons
  • Google eyes
  • Small Pom- Poms (we used black and red)
  • Medium White Pom- Poms or Cotton Balls
  • Assorted colored glitter glue (we used red, green, gold, silver and white)
  • Star stickers
  • Heavy Craft Glue or Glue Gun
  • Ribbon (we used thin red and green above our table and white in the girls room)
  • White Thumb Tacks


Color clothespin Brown

Antlers: Cut gold sparkle pipecleaner, 1 long, 2 short- Fold longer one in U shape and  twist shorter one around each side.

Eyes: 2 google eyes

Nose: small black or Red pom- pom

Mouth: Glitter Glue


Color clothes pin red, leaving a small area 3/4 of the way up, blank for Santa’s face.

Beard: White Glitter Glue

2 google eyes

Nose: small red pom- pom

Ball on hat: cut small piece of white pipecleaner


Color clothespin red

Twist red and white pipecleaner toegether, shape into small J and cut desired length

or use Red and White glitter glue and draw stripes


Color clothespin white

Body: 3 large white pom-poms

Buttons: 3 small black pom- poms

Nose: Cut off small piece of orange pipecleaner

2 Google Eyes

Mouth: gold glitter glue

Hat:  Shaped pipecleaner (use any color you prefer)

Scarf: Ribbon folded in 1/2 and glued together, use any color

Christmas Tree:

Color clothespin green

Use glitter glue for “lights”

Place a star sticker on top

Once you create your clothespin friends, string ribbon on wall and clip clothespins on and hang cards.