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A Spooky Meal

25 Oct

Halloween is a week away!  My girls are so excited they have asked for “spooky” snacks and meals. Here are a few ideas to “spook” up your meal!

Naked Franken’ Halloween Drink

  • 10 oz Naked Green Machine Drink
  • 2 google eyes
  • Glue
  • Black permanent marker
  • Red permanent marker
  • 1 straw (green preferably) cut into two small pieces
  • 1 straw (green) for drinking

Tear the wrapping off the Naked Bottle. Dry bottle with paper if it has condensation on it. Draw hair and mouth with black permanent marker. Draw blood or “cut” just below hair. Glue on eyes using a tacky glue or glue gun.

Jack-O-Lantern Pizza

  • 1 slice of pizza
  • 1 slice american cheese
  • Pumpkin shaped cookie cutter
  • Knife to cut eyes and face on pumpkin

Use cookie cutter to cut slice of american cheese into pumpkin shape.  Cut out a jack-o-lantern face on pumpkin shaped cheese.  Place on slice of pizza.

The Spooky Eyed Forest

Steam broccoli, heat Turkey Meatballs and place on plate.  Use a butter knife to spread ketchup so that it looks like the eyes are blood-shot.  Tear off a small piece of white american cheese to make pupil.

I served these all at different times.  Serve them all together and you have one “Spooky Meal”.

Melissa and Doug SPOOKtacular Halloween Photo Contest

6 Oct

Halloween is an exciting time of year of year for my girls. They love everything about it: trick-or-treating with friends, dressing up, candy corn, pumpkin picking, decorating our apartment, Halloween cupcake decorating, making Halloween crafts, and more.
Melissa and Doug is having a photo contest until October 22. Submit a photo showing what your child loves about Halloween and you could win $250 to spend on Melissa and Doug toys. For more contest details and to enter click here.


Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation for this post. All opinions expressed are my own. The photo was taken Halloween 2011 is not being used for the contest.