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Discover Brands For Kids With The Lil’Stylers App

8 Oct

Picture 24

The other week I was at the park with my daughter.  Another mom approached me asking about my daughters dress (pictured below).  She wanted to know the brand and store I bought it from.  Like her, I often see cute outfits on children and wonder what brand (s) they are wearing and where their parents purchased it from.


On October 1st, Lil’Stylers, an awesome new iPhone App launched to help moms and dads connect to brands and shop mobile.  I had the opportunity to try Lil’Stylers before the launch and am loving it.  I’ve discovered Pale Cloud, Duke and Duchess, Two Els, Baby Fish, and so many other brands I would have never known about before using Lil’Stylers.  I also like seeing how “stylers” have pieced together smaller, more expensive brands with brands like GAP and Target to create a stylish look for their child.  I’m not the only one loving the App, my oldest loves scrolling through and picking out looks she likes.  It’s helpful knowing style she like when shopping for her because she likes to dress herself and often doesn’t like what I pick.  I’m excited to continue using the App as it grows and more brands join.20131007-220006.jpg

Download the free App in iTunes now to discover new brands,  see the latest trends for children, shop, and share your favorite photos of your “lil’styler(s)”.  Don’t forget to tag the brands featured in your photos. If you see a look you like and a tag with a shopping bag next to it, the brand has joined Lil’Stylers.  Click on the bag and you can connect to their website easily to start shopping.  Check out the Lil’Stylers video to learn how to use the App!

Picture 25

Want a peek at the styles for Spring/ Summer 2014?  Lil’Stylers covered petitePARADE with live posts.  Missed petitePARADE?  Once you are set up, go to “Find Stylers” and search for petitePARADE.  All of the brands and styles featured on the runway are tagged!



“Lil’Stylers has created a gateway for consumers, brands, bloggers, and other fashion influencers to seamlessly connect through one integrated experience that is assimple as Tag, Click, Shop.”-Kirti Baliga, Co-Founder of Lil’Stylers

Find Lil’Stylers on Twitter, PinterestFacebook, and Instagram.  You can search for TastefulyChldsh to follow me on Lil’Stylers!  Happy Syling!

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post.  Images were screen shot from the Lil’Stylers App.

Fun Friday with Ukloo

4 Oct

20131003-225939.jpgMy daughter is finally adjusting to school. Now that she is settled in she is anxious to learn. One of her goals for the year is to learn to read.
Recently, we tried Ukloo, a treasure hunt game to help children ages 4 and up learn to read! To play, leave clue cards out to help your child find the surprise card (treasure) at the end. My daughter knows she will always find her first clue on the dining room table. There are three levels to choose from. Starting with level 1 and only a few clue cards is best for early readers.  The child reads each clue, with a picture helper to aid them if they don’t know a word.  When they learn the game and become more comfortable reading, add more clue cards and move up a level.  I accidentally put a level 3 out, it took awhile but she was able to find the next clue. Be sure to leave the picture helper somewhere your child can easily find it.   The first few times I left it next to the first clue. You can also leave it on the refrigerator when you aren’t playing for your child to look at as a refresher!  Several blank clue cards and surprise cards are included for you to personalize them for your child.

It’s been fun watching my daughter as she finds her surprises.  Changing up the surprises kept her wanting to play more. We have made it part of our daily routine, giving her more exposure to the sight words.  I have clues set up every afternoon when she returns from school.  I do “bigger/ better” surprises on Friday.  Surprise Ideas include:

  • Sweet treats: Lollipop, cookie, piece of candy
  • Money
  • Extra iPad time
  • A new book
  • Special Time with Mommy and/or Daddy
  • Fill out a surprise card for a “Fun Friday” movie or outing
  • PJ Party with a friend

Ukloo makes reading funds, builds self-confidence, encourages independence, promotes sight-reading (visual word recognition), offers basics of sentence structure and introduces research skills.  A great gift for birthdays, Holidays and for teachers (to include in their classrooms).  To buy click here.  Coming soon: Ukloo 2 for ages 7+ and the Ukloo Reading Adventure App.

Disclaimer:  I did not receive compensation for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.  I received a sample of Ukloo for the purpose of this review but did not alter my opinions.

The Gift of Art: MD Anderson Children’s Art Project

18 Sep

Over the summer I learned about the MD Anderson Cancer Center Children’s Art Project.  The project started in 1973.  A volunteer thought it would be a great idea to turn the artwork from the pediatric center into Holiday cards.  In the thirty years the project has been around, the product line has expanded to not only cards but iPhone cases, jewelry, stationary, clothing, home decor, and more for purchase on the Children’s Art Project site. Through the sale of merchandise featuring designs created by young cancer patients, the program funds important programs that touch more than 26,000 pediatric patients and families, current or past to help them return to normalcy.   Every year, new artwork is selected, voted on, and turned into new products for the shop.

Images from  childrensart.org

Images from childrensart.org

While I was looking at the online store, my oldest was sitting on my lap and stopped me when I came to the Hearts and Flowers Domino Necklace designed by Kierra.  She asked if I could buy her one some day because it is very pretty and she really likes it.  Each artist has a bio on the Children’s Art Project to let you know his/her story.  We sat together and read the story of the artist, Kierra.  I didn’t really tell her what cancer is but I explained that the necklace started as a picture that a little girl who was sick drew while she was trying to get better.  I told to help raise money for the center she went for treatment, her picture was chosen to go on this necklace.  Her artwork was on other products as well and we looked at those.  My daughter received a sample in the mail, which happened to surprise her on her birthday! It has a wire clasp chain.  She LOVES it.


Cancer.  It’s touched many of our lives whether we had a loved one, a friend, a parent, or even a child who has battled the nasty disease.   Every time my daughter wears the necklace, it reminds me to cherish every day with my girls.  I’m happy to learn about this uplifting Project and will be making future purchases to help the programs they fund.


To help programs at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, shop or donate by clicking the links.  Learn more about the  Children’s Art Project: MissionFAQ’s, Artist Bio’s, News and Events, Facebook, Twitter

As we get closer to the Holiday’s, check back for a Holiday edition featuring The Children’s Art Project Products.


Disclaimer:  I received sample products to review.  All opinions, unless noted, are my own.


Lotty Dotty: Unique Shirt Girls Will Love!

3 Sep

Picture 17

My girls love dolls.  I haven’t met many girls that don’t like dolls.   For my girls, one of their favorite activities is picking out what their doll is going to wear  whether they are dressing Barbie, an American Girl or one of their magnetic doll sets.  If you walk into their room they have dolls half-naked trying to figure out what outfit to dress them in next.   When we are out or traveling they use magnetic dress up activities to keep entertained. They love creating their own looks and love having their dolls dress for an occasion.


My daughter recently received a Lotty Dotty t-Shirt.  The t-shirt has a screen-print doll with a velcro body suit to attach interchangeable designer outfits.   Lotty Dotty shirts, available for both women and children, are very soft and comfortable. Lotty Dotty uses organic and recyclable materials as much as possible.  Choose your favorite doll and pick a few outfits to dress her up.  The gorgeous interchangeable outfits are created by talented and unknown designers worldwide.  Tote bags are also available with your favorite Lotty Dotty doll on the front.  Use them as a diaper bag, your child’s dance bag or carry your child’s favorite things while on-the-go or traveling.   They will love dressing up the doll.

Image from

Images from Lotty Dotty,  Top two images  for women: Je t’aime Paris and Romantic Lace Dress. Bottom two are for children: Gone Gaga and Little Flowe Dress.

When my daughter wore it out for the first time, she received many compliments and questions about where the shirt was from.  It is her favorite shirt for back-to-school.  She changes the two outfits multiple times a day.   Lotty Dotty clothing and accessories would make a wonderful gift for the holidays as well as upcoming birthday parties.

Women’s shirts cost $50 and come with one interchangeable outfit.  Additional outfits are available for $12-$15.  Children’s shirts cost $35 with an outfit included.  Additional outfits are available for $7-$18.  Tote bags cost $40. For more information, please visit www.lottydotty.com.

Disclaimer:  I received a sample shirt for review.  All opinions expressed are my own.  Information in italics came from Lotty Dotty. Information in Italics came from Lotty Dotty.

Get Dressed Up This Easter with Oscar de la Renta!

25 Mar

Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 9.45.59 AMThe other day it dawned on me that I did not have an Easter outfit for the girls. With snow on the ground, it’s hard to believe Easter is less than a week away.  I have contemplated what to dress the girls in.  I recently found out about Oscar de la Renta’s Easter picks. The spring line is absolutely GORGEOUS and offers many great options for both boys and girls. With the chilly weather that appears to be sticking around, add a sweater and tights to keep your little girl warm or a linen jacket for you little prince.  If you are a last-minute shopper, like myself, you can go to the Oscar de la Renta retailer or boutique near you to buy an outfit for Easter or any occasion this Spring and Summer.

Oscar de la Renta picks for girls:

Left to Right:  IKAT PRINT PARTY DRESS $250,


Pair with these beautiful leather Sabrina flats, $145:

Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 9.46.24 AM

Oscar de la Renta’s picks for boys:



Pair with these leather moccasins, $125:

Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 9.46.34 AM

Disclaimer:  I did not receive compensation for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.  I received all images and a list of Easter picks for the purpose of the review.

Shine NYC

8 Mar

Picture 8

I love living in New York City with my two girls.  Although, I could definitely live with a bigger space, I love that the city offers so many wonderful child development classes to get your little ones out of the tiny apartments.  I recently tried Shine NYC, an amazing children’s program offered in the beautiful Freshmade NYC space.  Shine will offer two drop-off classes this semester:

  • Lights Up: Wednesdays from 4-5pm.  A series of weekly workshops for children 7-10 years old that explores dramatic play through puppetry and mask work. Students will explore imagination through storytelling and performance utilizing different styles of puppetry and theatrical mask work used in cultures around the world. In addition to crafting their own puppets, from the classic sock puppet to marionettes, children will engage in teamwork while building confidence and cultural awareness. 
  • Little Luminaries: Fridays from 3:30-4:30pm.  A class for 3-5 year olds that combines yoga, discussion, art/journaling, music, movement, and books all centered around a weekly theme. With themes including Roots, Cycles, Friendship, and Memory, each class will explore the different meanings of the word and how we relate to them, both creatively and critically.

My youngest, 3 in April, and my oldest, 5 in September attended the Little Luminaries class together.   The class was led by Aaron Goldschmidt, founder, with Misty Foster assisting.The theme for the class was colors: mixing and shades of color.  The class started in a  circle with color shakers to play with, showing two colors mixing together to make another.  For example: half of one shaker was yellow and the other half was red and when shaken, they made an orange color.  Color plates were also on the floor to play with.  When you took two primary color plates and placed them on top of one another they made another color.  My oldest LOVED this theme because she just finished a color mixing unit at school.  After talking about colors, they read Pantone: Colors, a book for children showing that a basic color like red may have a variety of shades.IMG_5543

After circle time, Misty, led yoga time.  Before beginning, Misty, explained to the kids what yoga was and asked if they had done it before.  They began with a simple wiggle, pinched fingers, shook sillies to serious, acted like a shark, went to a plank and then into downward dog.  After they stretched with yoga they read another book, What Colour Is Your World?, to lead into the art segment.IMG_5550

During the art segment, they used paint chips to create a collage… such a great idea.  I never thought about going to the paint store, getting paint chips and letting the girls get creative cutting them up and gluing to make a masterpiece.  Some of the kids decided they were finished way before others.  Aaron told them they could go look at the books and let them go look at the color shakers and books while he set up for an experiment and others finished, making a point to tell the kids that he would leave the projects out if they wanted to finish or add more.  Of course at the end of class my girls decided they wanted to do more and Aaron let them take some paint chips home to finish.IMG_5558IMG_5580

After creating art collages, everyone participated in the “milk experiment“.  My girls are still talking about this experiment and had to show their dad the following day.  We have also done this experiment with their friends during their play dates because they absolutely LOVED it at Shine NYC.  During the experiment the kids used milk, soap, food coloring, and a q-tip to make an explosion of multiple colors.IMG_5566IMG_5573IMG_5576

Next up was a game in which colors were matched with feelings: happy was yellow, blue was sad, red was angry, and green was surprised.  A color was called and kids ran to a colored circle the expression that matched the feeling.  The kids in the class had a great time during the game and it made them have to think quickly.  There was a lot of laughter when they ran to the wrong circle.

The class ended with Dr. Seuss’ color book read in a circle, similar to how the class began.  Throughout the entire class both teachers were full of energy and kept the kids engaged.  I loved that there were a variety of activities during the class to keep the kids from getting restless.  One of my favorite lines was when my daughter said she didn’t like the color she received Aaron responded with “From the famous words of Pinkalicious, you get what you get and you don’t get upset.”  We can’t wait to go back for more fun!

Shine ON!

Shine ON!

Visit ShineNYC.net to see other services offered.

Disclaimer:  I received a trial class for the purpose of this review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Naturino Rainstep: Our Favorite Winter Boot

17 Jan

20130117-193753.jpgEvery year I end up with a pair of Uggs and a pair of snow boots (that we may or may not ever use) for my girls.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Uggs are great for kids because they are very warm and comfortable but the girls already have mounds of shoes in lined up in my hallway.  This year to cut back on the amount of shoes to trip on or that would hardly be used this winter, I came across an amazing pair of Naturino Rainstep boots at Shoofly in Tribeca!  Naturino’s line of Rainstep shoes and boots are made with an exclusive Natex waterproofing membrane, transpiring water-repellent uppers and sturdy technical materials, feet will be warm and dry even on the coldest winter days. Naturino Rainstep offers mountain boots and shoes with a very urban look, not only in the first-steps range but for older children too. Whether it rains or snows, the adventure continues in total safety! So far they have worked out great!  I have not had one complaint of wet or cold feet and they look fabulous with their dresses, skirts and jeans.  Naturino Rainsteps are now our favorite winter boot!



Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation for this post.  All opinions are my own.  All information in italics came from the Naturino website.

Sydney Summer Jewelry: Perfect For Any Occasion!

10 Dec

Picture 10

20121211-153845.jpgMy girls LOVE jewelry.  They couldn’t be more different in how the wear it.  My youngest layers on the bracelets and necklaces where as my oldest likes to keep it simple with one bracelet and one necklace.   I received two pieces of jewelry from Sydney Summer a while ago and was trying to tie it into my daughters flower girl role in June because she will be wearing the bracelet, however, we have not been able to shop for a dress yet.  The pieces we received are now my oldest  daughters favorite.  She wears them almost every day.  Not only does she wear them with casual outfits to school, she also dresses them up.   We recently went to see Santa and she had to wear her Sydney Summer jewelry which got me thinking about how perfect they would be to wear with her holiday outfit.  Sydney Summer jewelry would make a fabulous stocking stuffer or a beautiful gift any time of year.


Here are my favorite Sydney Summer  pieces for the girls this Holiday season:

Left is the Karly Pink Necklace, Right is the Ally Bow neckalce

Left is the Karly Pink Necklace, Right is the Ally Bow necklace!

The Molly Clear Bracelet!

The Molly Clear Bracelet!


Disclaimer: I received two pieces of jewelry for the purpose of this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.  

Butterscotch Blankees: Bundled Up With LOVE

6 Nov

When the girls and I walked out the door yesterday, we knew it was cold but didn’t realize just how cold. Today we were ready for the cold weather by wearing hats, scarves, and gloves. My oldest daughter has been looking forward to wearing her new Butterscotch Blankees hat and scarf we recently received and with winter weather creeping up on us I highly recommend them. The hat and scarf are beautifully made and very soft. My daughter usually complains about materials itching her and gets cranky but she has not complained once about the latest addition to her winter gear. I asked my daughter what she thought about her hat and scarf and she said they are cozy and comfy. She has worn them a handful of times since receiving them and many people have commented on her adorable hat and scarf (click links to see the different styles to choose from).  Hats and scarves come in two colors, the main color and the accent color with antique roman font (pictured below is the floating heart hat with ear flaps and floating heart scarf in lilac and fushia).  The hats come in acrylic or cashmere and are available in three sizes small, medium, and large. The scarves are 6″ x 40″ and only come in acrylic.  I chose to personalize ours with LOVE  instead of names so the girls could share, however, I LOVE them so much I plan on purchasing another set for my youngest daughter.

Butterscotch Blankees make great gifts for the holidays, birthdays, and baby showers, especially with the adorable packaging that looks like a piece of candy.  All products can be personalized to meet yours or your child’s taste.  In addition to the hat and scarves, Butterscotch Blankees, has personalized blankets, stroller blankets, pillowsdresses, and sweaters to keep your little one(s) comfy and cozy this winter.

Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation for this post.  I received a hat and scarf from Butterscotch Blankees for the purpose of this review.