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Fun Food Friday: An “Apple” Tree

11 Oct

My girls love apple picking. Unfortunately, we didn’t go this year but I heard picking wasn’t great. My youngest has brought home lots of apple projects from school the past few weeks, reminding my oldest we didn’t go picking. I have tried to think of fun ways to incorporate more vegetables into their meals and since there was a lot of apple talk in our house I came up with an “Apple” Tree.

What you need:

Leaves: Steamed Broccoli

“Apples” in tree: Cherry Tomatoes (halved)

Tree Trunk: Half of Apple, Ham, Cheddar Grilled Cheese, cut into two strips.

Ground: Sliced Apple






Zucchini Parmesan Quesadilla

2 Oct

A few weeks ago the pediatrician told my four-year-old she needed to try a new vegetable a week. The first vegetable we tried was a zucchini, mostly because we had one that needed to be eaten and also because it looks like a cucumber, which she loves. We had a little tomato sauce and some parmesan cheese left from dinner the night before. We also had a few tortilla’s left from tacos a few nights before. My girls love quesadilla’s so why not make one with the ingredients we had. My girls did not help make it but it is an easy meal for kids to make if you set out all the ingredients for them.
1. Slice Zucchini into long slices.
2. Suatee Zucchini in a little oil with salt in pepper until it is a desired texture
3. Place 1 tortilla on a plate
4. Place zucchini on half the tortilla.
5. Spoon a desired amount of tomato sauce on top of the zucchini.
6. Sprinkle fresh parmesan on top of sauce.
7. Fold tortilla over, and ENJOY!
Optional: My girls love their FunBites Luv It bite size cutter, so we used that to make a heart shape with bite sized peices.






The Day I Discovered My 2 Year Old LOVES Salad

8 Aug

I usually don’t eat at the same time as my girls because I am helping them eat, getting the bath ready, or cleaning up from cooking.  I also LOVE having my time to eat while the girls have a little TV time before bed.  Last week, I had made a taco salad with a homemade avocado dressing I made in my Beaba.  I finally sat down to eat when I saw my younger daughter climb off the couch and walk towards me saying “salad…I want salad mommy”.  She ended up eating half the salad.  I usually struggle finding a vegetable to go with meals but when I discovered she liked salad, I now put a side salad together for lunch and dinner.  Last night she only wanted salad for dinner.  Now I just have to work on my 4-year-old. 🙂

Avocado Salad Dressing:

1/4 cup low-fat sour cream

3/4 of avocado

1 lime, juiced

Cilantro, I didn’t measure, just kept adding as I tasted the dressing

1/4- 1/2 cup water, you can add more depending on what consistency you like

Salt,Pepper, & garlic powder to taste

Put all the ingredients in the Beaba and blend, adding more water and seasoning as needed.


Simple Yet Festive Meals For July 4th!

3 Jul

Instead of signing the girls up for camp this summer, we packed up the car and headed to Virginia for a few weeks to visit family. The girls have spent almost every day at the pool and when they aren’t there, they have played with their cousins. They were having such a great time we decided to extend our stay through the Fourth of July.
We have attended so many family BBQ’s lately and we have one next weekend so decided on something different than burgers and dogs.  Here are some simple, yet festive meals we will have to celebrate Independence Day:

Breakfast: See my post Memorial Day/ July 4th Sailboat breakfast.

Lunch: We plan on packing a lunch and heading to the pool for their Fourth of July celebration.  Star Sandwiches: Make your favorite sandwich and use a star-shaped cookie cutter to cut it out of the bread. On the side: Cherry tomatoes and Blueberries to keep with the Red, White and Blue theme.  We will also be making a trip to the ice cream truck when he makes a visit.  🙂

Dinner: While my mom was at Costco she came across festive Four Cheese Ravioli by Nuovo. Add a little butter or olive oil and fresh garlic, then serve with your favorite veggies on the side.  You can even use a small bowl or cup of tomato sauce on the side and the kids can dip their ravioli.  The girls are SUPER excited to try them tomorrow.

Drinks:  To get the girls to drink more water during this heat wave, I have frozen blackberries, raspberries and blueberries to put in their water.  They love it and when they start thawing they add a slight hint of flavor to their water.  They call it “special water”.  The frozen fruit gives a festive look and Mommies can add it to a glass of wine or prosecco while watching fireworks!

Dessert: Flag Graham Crackers the kids can make.  In a separate cup add cool whip. Cut strawberries into thin lines and place on plate with blueberries and raspberries for decorating.  Give each child a graham cracker.  Use a spoon to spread the cool whip and then decorate.  We did a practice round today.  I had to help my younger daughter, but my older daughter had a great time making it and eating it.  My older daughter did her own interpretation of the flag.

Ready to decorate!

Ready to eat!

Happy Eating and Drinking This 4th of July!