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Bonding While Building plus LEGOLAND NYC Recap

10 Mar


We’ve had LEGO DUPLO  sets around the apartment since my girls were little.  I always loved watching them build their own creations.  As they got older, their creations got more elaborate (see my daughters “NYC and “Bronx Zoo” pictured above).  My oldest received her first LEGO Friends set for her Birthday this year and has become a LEGO fanatic. She loves spending time on the floor building with her dad and sister.  We’ve since acquired more models, LEGO’s have gotten us through this long and frigid Winter.  Building is an awesome after school activity that sparks creativity as well as a great way to learn patience, turn-taking,  and problem solving while following and reading directions.


Not long ago we attended a Legoland event in NYC! When my girls found out about the event they were ecstatic.  We entered the venue to find incredible LEGO Models.  Some models were of the new attractions at LEGOLAND Parks.  After they met LEGOMAN, the girls headed over to build a Chima Model with Master Model Builder, Gary.  They had so much fun building with him, they didn’t want to leave with their model unfinished but unfortunately we had to go.  They next day, they finished their models and my oldest was so proud she insisted on taking a picture to show Gary if we ever saw him again!


Prior to the event, I had no idea there was a LEGOLAND Discovery Center just miles outside of New York City, in Westchester.  There are more than fifteen attractions included in your admission.  Take a factory tour, check out the new Chima 4D cinema experience, explore DUPLO Village, or build and sing with your favorite LEGO Friends.  The Discovery Center would be a great family outing one weekend or a great adventure over Spring Break if you are sticking around. If you make it there, Master Model Builder Gary built the MetLife Stadium.

All images in this collage were taken by Josh Wong Photography at the event!

All images in this collage were taken by Josh Wong Photography at the event!

There are two Legoland Theme Parks in the United States; Florida and California.  We were at Disney World a few years ago but my girls weren’t quite ready for Legoland and didn’t have as much enthusiasm for LEGO’s then.  This summer we plan to head down there to check it out so I was excited to learn of the new attractions and experiences at LEGOLAND® Florida.  New attractions include:

  • The LEGO World of Chima just opened last summer.  It  features an interactive water ride, the “Quest for CHI”, a “Speedorz Arena”, “Cragger’s Swamp” water play area, a 4D movie experience as well as character meet and greet sessions. 
  • DUPLO Valley, a new expansion area specifically geared to toddlers ages 2 to 5, will officially open to guests on May 23, 2014, just in time for family-fun over Memorial Day weekend.  DUPLO Valley attractions will include the DUPLO Train, a tractor ride, a new splash & play area to cool off and the DUPLO Barn with indoor farm-themed play areas.

We don’t have plans to make it to California but if you are there and your kids loved the LEGO Movie as much as my girls did, be sure to check out the Lego Movie Experience at the LEGOLAND® Resort!

Is your child the biggest LEGO® fan you know? LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Westchester is seeking twelve children aged 5 to 10 to be part of our new Creative Crew! The Creative Crew will assist our Master Model Builder, with important tasks at LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Westchester. Contest Ends March 21, 2014!

Is your child the biggest LEGO® fan you know? LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Westchester is seeking twelve children aged 5 to 10 to be part of our new Creative Crew! The Creative Crew will assist our Master Model Builder, with important tasks at LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Westchester.  Click the image to find out more!

 Click the image to find out more!

Disclaimer: I received a family pass to visit LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Westchester for attending the event however this did not impact my opinions, as always all opinions are my own.  Information in italics came from a PR representative or a LEGOLAND website.  All photos unless noted underneath are my own.

Wordless Wednesday: Pumpkins, Pumpkins, We Love Pumpkins!

17 Oct

We visited






A Whole New World (called Brooklyn)

4 Sep

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.  It was the first weekend all summer we didn’t have plans so we decided to venture out of our neighborhood, which we don’t do very often during the week.  We loaded the girls in the stroller on Saturday and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge to check out Jane’s Carousel and DUMBO.  Along the way, my youngest fell asleep and my oldest was asking every five minutes if we were there. A  forty minute walk for my husband and I felt like hours to her.  I tried to keep her engaged by telling her how neat it was that we were walking over water, but she looked over to my husband and quietly whispered “Mommy’s lying, I see the street below us”, sort of true as there was a wall blocking her view of the water and she could only see the cars whizzing by below us.  It wasn’t until we were almost over the bridge that she could see the water we had just crossed and the carousel down below.  Her eyes lit up in excitement and then realized we still had a way to go before we were actually at the carousel.  We finally made it and spent an entire day exploring Brooklyn.  If you are looking for something to do before the weather gets cold, take a trip across the Brooklyn Bridge and visit these great spots (read below images):

Jane’s Carousel (2 bucks to pony up, open until September 30):

My youngest, finally woke up when we arrived at the carousel (perfect timing) but was terrified to go on.   My husband and I put her between us while my oldest rode on a pony, which she realized half way through that it didn’t go up and down, so she had to ride again.  In front of us was a Bride and Groom taking photographs, my daughter thought she was a princess and loved looking at her gown, I just hope they didn’t mind that my family (one screaming child and all) will be in the background of their pictures.

Dewey’s Candy Store:

Who say’s you need to be a kid to LOVE a candy store.  The store was a perfect stop before lunch, we needed a bribe (i know wrong) to get us through the meal.  So adorably arranged, you can buy a bag, a mason jar or a bucket of candy.  The variety of candy is so large it’s hard to know where to begin.  Gummies, hard candy, sugar-free candy, lollipops, skittles, M&M’s, a chocolate bar, pez dispensers from favorite characters, and candy I haven’t seen since I was a child.  It’s cool, hip, and nostalgic.  Definitely worth a visit when in Dumbo.

Gran Electrica:

We went at an off time so there was a limited menu so we only got guacamole, a few appetizers and a drink.  The guacamole wasn’t mushy like a lot of guacamole’s I have had lately.  It was large chunks of avocado lightly seasoned.  I usually like mine spicy but because the girls were with us it was mild.  We also got a crab tostado which was light and delicious.  We can’t wait to go back and try the tacos. To drink my husband and I got a margarita, perfect after the hot afternoon we had, while the girls sipped on a “special” orange soda. (note: there is no kids menu but they said they could make a quesadilla with cheese during regular menu hours.)

East River Ferry ($4 from DUMBO to Wall St/Pier 11)

We were exhausted by the end of the day so decided to take the girls on the ferry.  My oldest has asked to go on a boat for a while and it was a nice evening for it and it was easier than dealing with the subway.  It was also a lot cheaper than doing the water taxi.  My oldest did not peel her eyes away from the window the entire time.  It was a great experience to end a wonderful in a whole new world (called Brooklyn) they discovered!

disclaimer: I did not receive compensation for this post.  All opinions are my own.

A Day Away at Atlantic Farms

2 Aug

After being cooped up in the apartment on a rainy day like yesterday, I am ready for an adventure out of the city.  A few weeks ago I was at the beach with the girls and on an overcast morning we took a ride to Atlantic Farms in Manasquan, New Jersey.  There is a little store with fresh produce and farm themed toys.  The store also offers bags of food for $3 for kids to feed the sheep and goats.  The farm is just the right size that the girls were able to walk all of it with their bag of food, feeding the animals along the way ( a few animals are off-limits for hand feeding).  After checking out the farm, go next door to Hinck Turkey Farm for a delicious Turkey Sandwich or Turkey Platter.  Atlantic Farms is about an hour and twenty minutes from the city and would make a great day trip on a weekday (heavy beach traffic on the weekends) if you are up for an adventure.  Check out some of our photos from our trip there. We can’t wait to go back!

Atlantic Farms
1506 Atlantic Ave., Manasquan, New Jersey 08736-1180, Monmouth Count

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.