A Fairy Tale #FairyTalesMix

24 May

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I’ll never forget the first time I received the note.  My oldest daughter was in Kindergarten, she’s now in 2nd grade. The note went a little something like this:

 Dear Parent/ Guardian…. Someone in your child’s class has lice…. followed by the steps in treating and preventing.   

You’ve most likely received that note a time or two.  I started researching and stumbled across Fairy Tales  Rosemary Lice Repel Shampoo, Conditioner and Sprays.  Lice had never been an issue for us.  I never had it growing up and I sure was going to do whatever it took to prevent it so I ran to my closest Bed, Bath, and Beyond and stocked up.  That summer we headed down South to spend time with family.  We ran out of our Fairy Tales while we were down there.  I couldn’t find it anywhere.  When we finally got back to NYC, I decided to finish using the bottles of Shampoo and Conditioner we already home.  BIG MISTAKE. That fall we got LICE.  Long story short, it was far from a Fairy Tale at first.  Through out the combing process, it gave my girls and I more time together to talk about the school day.  I learned so much during those combing sessions, it wasn’t all horrible.  After that experience, I also started using it for myself and we continue to strive to prevent lice with Fairy Tales.

When I received an invite to mix and mingle with Momtrends and Fairy Tales last week, I knew I had to attend to tell them how much I love their products.  I also had to share our lice story.  I loved learning more about their newly formulated Fairy Tales while mixing cocktails made with  some of their all-natural ingrediants.


There are three different hare care lines perfect for everyone in the family:

  1. Rosemary Repel Prevention:  As I mentioned, this is a necessity during the school year.  Not ony is it made with all organic herbs and natural plant extracts, it’s clenically proven to prevent lice.  After, my experience I would have to agree.  It also smells nice, unlike other lice products.



  2. Sun & Swim:  We had the chance to use this at the end of last summer.  The formula made from natural fruit extracts to heal damamged hair.   It left the girls hair smelling so wonderful but also gave a silky, soft  texture after they used it.  I ended up using it too becuase I loved it.  With summer quickly approaching, this is a must in the pool bag.
  3. No More Knots: This line contains a natural keritan to calm frizz and tangles.  Like other Fairy Tales products it smells so good you will want to use it.  We have not tried this line.


Fear Lice?  Fairy Tales offers lice advice and tutorials at Lice 911 .  Discover lice? Fairy Tales offers an at home treatment “Lice Goodbye” for parents to eliminate the pesky bugs at home.  .

In addition to hair care products, but keeong in the theme of bugs, Fary Tales also has Bad Bugs.  Bad Bugs is a natural, chemical free to keep those “bad bugs” away on sunny, summer adventures.

Thank you Momtrends and Fairy Tales for a wonderful night.






One Response to “A Fairy Tale #FairyTalesMix”

  1. Nicole Feliciano May 31, 2016 at 2:09 pm #

    Lice are the worst, but its wonderful to find a product that is aggressive enough to get rid of those pesky pest but gentle enough to treat our children’s hair.

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