A New Organic Skin Care Line for Baby & Child #AcureOrganics

11 Mar


Both of my girls have very sensitive skin.  They have had eczema for as long as I can remember.  In keeping flare ups down, it’s been extremely important in finding products that don’t have harsh (and toxic) ingredients.

Last week I attended a launch for Acure Organics Baby Care, created and tested for sensitive skin.  All of the products are NSF or USDA certified organic, made with natural ingredients including food and plant based oils.

The new line includes:

4-in-1 Foamer ($9.99):  A multifunctional foam soap that can be used as hand soap, bubble bath, body wash or shampoo. Available in Bare Baby (fragrance-free) and Yummy Baby (vanilla + citrus)

Lotion ($9.99): Great for delicate skin. An ultra-moisturizing lotion that nourishes and soothes. Perfect for after the bath.  Available in Bare Baby (fragrance-free) and Yummy Baby (vanilla + citrus)

Baby Buns ($10.99):  Most diaper creams are petroleum based which is not good for irritated skin.  Essential fatty acids which help with soothing and healing. Not pasty. Wipes off easily.  Pediatrician tested on sensitive skin.

All Better Balm ($10.99):  Perfect for babies and kids with eczema.  Used to calm itchy skin, chapped noses and moisturize hands.  Mom can also use  the All Better Balm on stretch marks.

Fix-It-Stick ($7.99):  In addition to being used on cuts and scraps, the fix-it-stick can also be used as a lip balm.  It contains a blend of pumpkin, borage, and pomegranate oils.

Bug Stick ($7.99):  I couldn’t believe how wonderful this bug stick smelled.  It is DEET and chemical-free so your

Sun SPF 30 Stick ($7.99):  With Spring Break and warmer weather on the horizon this will definitely be a staple in our beach bag as well as in my purse for sunny days in the Park.

Baby’s Day Out 3-Pack ($15.99): Includes the Fix-It-Stick, the Bug Stick, and the Sun SPF 30 Stick.

As my daughters get older and become more independent, I’m finding they like to apply products on their own.  When their eczema flare-ups, the like to put cream and lotion on the itchy spots, especially in bed at night when it’s bothering them most.  I feel comfortable letting them use all of the Acure Baby Care products on their own because they do not contain toxic chemicals.  Thank you Acure Organics for a healthy, safe,  effective, and affordable products that are allowing my girls to be more independent.

To learn more visit www.acureorganics.com or follow on twitter @acureorganics.

Thank you Momtrends and Acure Organics for a wonderful event and introducing a healthier product into our lives. Loved the decorations and centerpieces to go with the super cute Acure Organics Baby sea-life themed packaging.


And thank you for these awesome sweet treats!


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