Sending Cheer and Extra Sweetness During The Holidays

15 Dec

It’s the most wonderful time of year when our elf, Snowflake, returns.  The girls light up and look forward to waking up to see where she decides to hide.  On occasion, she has been known to leave a gift or two when they’ve been extra good.


Recently, Snowflake left them a gorgeous Teleflora Peanuts arrangement and delicious Matthews 1812 House desserts. Snowflake must have known that I had holiday entertaining on my mind. The beautiful arrangement from Teleflora is placed in a fun and festive Peanuts cookie jar. Once the flowers are gone, the jar can be used for cookies at the next Holiday gathering and for many years after. Teleflora also has many other gift options that are perfect for any occasion. I’ve ordered many times and they’ve always been prompt, fresh, and beautiful.  They can transform a room and brighten a day.  Perfect for “sending cheer” this Holiday Season.


Matthews 1812 House has delicious desserts for gatherings. Snowflake brought us the 1812 Bar and Fruit Filled Cookies.  At our most recent Holiday Movie Night Gathering, we brought the 1812 Bar.  It is made with apricots, pecan, and chocolate chips mixed with batter, on top of a shortbread crust, finished with a browned butter frosting.  My daughter, who we recently found out was one of the 20% to outgrow her nut allergy, loved it.  I didn’t mention there were nuts in it and she didn’t taste them because after 6 1/12 years of being nut free, it’s been hard to tell her she can eat them.  The adults loved it too.  It was definitely a sweet treat to share with our group of friends.


We also had the opportunity to try the Matthews 1812 House Fruit Filled Cookies.   The apricot, peach, strawberry, and raspberry cookies were absolutely delicious.  We moved our Teleflora arrangement to another vase because the girls were anxious to put the cookies in the cookie jar for an ornament decorating party with friends.  The cookies were gone in a flash.


Teleflora and Matthews 1812 House were a huge hit for our family.  They are perfect for entertaining this season and make the perfect gift for teacher, friends or family.

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season filled with cheer!

To learn more about Teleflora, click here.

To learn more about Matthews 1812 House, click here.  Be sure to follow them on Facebook.

Disclaimer:  I  did not receive compensation for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.  I received samples for review however this did not alter my opinions.  Thank you Teleflora for “sending cheer” to my girls and to Matthews 1812 for adding some extra sweetness to our Holidays.









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