#BratzAreBack! Re-Launch July 25, Encouraging Girls to Be Confident, Creative, & True To Themselves

24 Jul

On July 25, Bratz will re-launch their line of dolls, encouraging self-expression, individuality, confidence, and creativity.  The new line of dolls will feature interests, passions and personalities that will target the “modern girl.  This will include reaching the digital generation with a new app and webisodes (to launch Monday, July 27).


Last month, I attended a sneak peek breakfast at Hundred Acres to be one of the first to see the new collections..  I showed the dolls to my girls the other day and they are ecstatic for the launch this weekend.  The new collections of dolls will include (but not limited to):

The Hello, My Name Is collection will re-introduce the group of friends (Yasmin, Cloe, Raya, Sasha & Jade). Each doll will wear an outfit to match their individual personalities and will include a piece that matches their interests and hobbies.  Meet the Bratz in this video:

The #SelfieSnaps collection features dolls ready to snap a shot.  Each doll comes with accessories, a cell phone, and two cases.  This collection immediately caught my girls’ eyes because the LOVE taking selfies.  A photo booth will be sold separately.  It includes props and an area designed for an actual smartphone for girls to take selfies of their dolls.

#SelfieSnaps Collection & Photo Booth (Dolls & Booth sold seperately)

#SelfieSnaps Collection & Photo Booth (Dolls & Booth sold seperately)


The Sleepover Party collection dolls will come dressed in their pajamas inspired by their individual personalities, sleepover accessories from animals to their favorite sleepover snack.  It’s super cute and looks like lots of fun.



Study Abroad takes the Bratz all over the world.  Each doll is outfitted to adopt the cultures traditional fashions and styles into their wardrobe.



The Fierce Fitness collection showcases the Bratz healthy hobbies in a fashionable and fun way.  


Image from Connect PR


#SnowKissed and ready to hit the slopes.  The dolls in this collection feature an outfit to hit the slopes and another for after.  Skis or a snowboard will come with the doll.  An adorable Lodge will be sold separately.



The Creative Bratz collection will also be available.  Girls can use their creativity to design an outfit for their doll.  The Create-It-Yourself Set, sold separately, includes a rotating platform and mannequin to help your design create their masterpiece.


The Bratz Collections will be available at Toys R Us, Walmart, & Target starting July 25.  Some lines will be exclusive to select stores.

Disclaimer:  Thank you to Connect PR for a wonderful preview.  I received a gift card for attending the event.  Some information was from the event while some came from a press release.  As always all opinions are my own.

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