Afternoons in the Park #SummerFun

25 Jun

As soon as the warmer weather arrived, we started spending afternoons in the park.  As the days get longer and the school year comes to an end, I feel less pressure to rush home for bath and bed.  We occasionally pack a picnic dinner but always pack a bag of toys to keep us entertained for hours.  Some of our favorites for this summer include:


Zing X6 Zoom Rocket ($24.99): The X6 is the first ever auto-rotating, multi-launching Zoom Rocket.  Load six soft-foam rackets onto the base and let your little one go.  The first time we took the X6 Rocket to the park, we had about twenty kids, boys and girls of all ages, lined up ready for a turn.  Rockets can take flight over a 100 feet, depending who gives the power.  The harder you stomp, the higher it flies.  Because my girls are little, it doesn’t go too high but they still have tons of fun.  They also have trouble getting it to go to the next rocket because they aren’t stepping hard enough. When their Dad takes a turn, you can hear their oo’s and aw aww’s as the rockets go one after the other in the air.  The X6 Zoom Rocket is perfect for keeping busy at the park or play dates.  It would make a great gift to give for upcoming birthdays, boy or girl.  The Zing Rocket is available at Target and Walmart.  Find other great products from bows to gliders by Zing Toys here.

zoom rocket

Hog Wild Atomic Shield Popper ($19.99): A foam ball-blaster with a gravity-fed auto load.  It comes with six foam balls that fire over 40 feet through the shield.  Pull the foam hammer back, aim, and release.   This took a little time for my girls because they are little and it requires a little more strength.  With a little help from me, they are able to watch their ball fly through the air.  With more practice, they hope to fire them on their own.  All of the older kids in the park, especially the boys, were drawn to it.  Buy multiple shield popper so the kids can play with each other, using the shield to protect themselves from incoming balls.  Other Hog Wild Inc products include: ZipStix, Soft and Squeezable Plush Poppers, and a Light Up Mustache (looks fun for when the sun goes down).

hog wild

Little Kids Fubbles Bubble Puppy ($3.00):  Fun for kids ages 2+.  The adorable puppy is used to blow bubbles.  The head of the puppy is  an ergonomically designed conical mouthpiece that intuitively guides young users to blow through the wide end – which both funnels air directly to the bubble wand and keeps bubbles away from the child’s mouth. Each Bubble Puppy comes with a “dog dish” dip tray and 1 fl oz of bubble solution. Available in three color styles: black & white, pink, and brown.  When your little one is done with the bubbles, they will have fun using their imagination while they play with the their puppy.


Little Kids Bubble Guppies No-Spill Bublin’ Bucket ($7.99):  My girls love blowing bubbles for the younger kids at the park.   It comes with three wands, perfect for sharing with friends in the park, and a container of bubbles (additional sold seperately).  The best part is the no-spill feature on the bucket.  When you are in a rush to get out the door, you don’t have to worry about emptying it because it won’t spill all over your bag.  It’s also great because when my girls walk around they often lose so much of their bubble liquid.  With the bucket, you won’t have to worry about the trails of bubbles and constant refills.  Find a store the bucket is sold.


Crayola Sidewalk Chalk ($5.00):  My girls love chalk.  They like to leave a message or draw a picture in the park for a friend to see.  When they are tired of drawing they play games like tic-tac-toe or hopscotch.  Available at Boomerang Toys.



What are your park favorites?  Have a Happy Summer with lots of afternoons in the Park!

Disclaimer:  I did not receive compensation for this post.  I received samples to review.  All opinions are my own. Some information about the products came from the brands website or from a press release.

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