Finding the Perfect Fit with Intimacy {bra fit stylists}

16 Jun
Top image from Momtrends, bottom Image from Intimacy

Top image from Momtrends, bottom Image from Intimacy

When I became a Mom, my body changed.  After breastfeeding both of my girls, bras no longer fit.  I can’t even remember the time I actually got measured and found a bra that fit comfortably and made me feel good.  Not long ago I joined Momtrends at Intimacy {Bra Fit Stylists}.  At the event, I was measured for a perfect fit in which I discovered that the bras I own are actually a few sizes off.  I tried on several styles.  Some with bright colors or beautiful lace details for special occasions as well as simple and more basic styles for everyday wear.  The bra fitting stylist helped me find the right style and fit for my body while providing the support I need.

photo 1-4

INTIMACY features lingerie from the world’s best brands, offering over 90 bra sizes from A to K cup.

Tips I learned during my experience:

  • The average woman’s breast shape and size change throughout her life.  Intimacy bra fit stylists recommend getting fit every six months.
  • When getting measured, start with the band.  Make sure it fits to the first hook so when it stretches you can keep tightening it to fit you.
  • Wearing your bra in the smallest part of your back provides the most support.
  • A bra stretches 2 inches in a lifetime.
  • With the purchase of an Intimacy bra, you receive 6 months complimentary alterations for any stretching that may occur.
Find the Perfect Fit with Intimacy

Find the Perfect Fit with Intimacy Bra Fit Stylists

In addition to beautiful lingerie, Intimacy has a wonderful collection swimwear for various body shapes and sizes.  After my bra fitting, my stylist brought several suits and helped guide me towards the suit best for my body.

Picture 6

Image from Momtrends

At the end of the fitting, a profile was created listing my size and the styles and brands I tried on. I walked out with a gorgeous suit for the summer but plan to go back for the bras. Thank goodness for the profile, it will make finding the bras I liked  a lot easier.


photo 4-2

Thank you Intimacy for wonderful service and a unique experience. Not sure if you are wearing the right size bra? Make a reservation for your complimentary bra fit styling session.  For more information visit

Thank you Momtrends for hosting another wonderful event!


Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary swim suit for attending the event.  This did not alter my opinion, as always all opinions expressed are my own. Information in italics came from




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