Adventures to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center

13 Jun


My girls look forward to the weekends.  It means a new adventure.  The other weekend we jumped in the car and headed to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Westchester, just outside of NYC. My girls LOVE building with their LEGO DUPLO and LEGO Friends sets so they were VERY excited to check out the Discovery Center.

Upon arriving, we picked up our tickets and were guided into the LEGO Factory.  The girls had a hands on experience making LEGO’s.


Next, you walk into a dark room which is the LEGO Kingdom Quest Laser Ride.  I think the girls would have enjoyed the ride but the darkness and the music scared them a little, so we quickly moved past this experience.  If your child gets scared easily, talk to them before your enter the room and talk about the ride (you use a laser to zap trolls and skeletons who are hiding).

After our quick pass through the  we visited our favorite NYC sights.  It’s amazing the time and craftsmanship that went to building these amazing models. It was beautiful.  The girls were in awe too.  A while back we attended a LEGO event, where my  girls met Master Model Builder Gary.  I was able to point out METLIFE stadium, a model he helped build.  The girls thought that was so cool.


After you walk through the mini NYC replicas, you enter the main room with smaller sections.  You can start by putting together race cars and challenging your friends on the “race tracks”.  Little ones can head to DUPLO village for fun in a small play gym and ball pit.  My girls had a lot of fun over at the LEGO Friends house. They built their own creations, sang karaoke and played in the kitchen.  The favorite part of the day was their ride on Merlin’s Apprentice.  Unfortunately, my girls don’t do well with 3D so we skipped the 15 minute 4D LEGO Chima move experience and went to the giant play land in the center.  They had fun climbing and sliding.   In addition to all the great attractions, LEGO fans can learn to create models from Master Builders at the LEGO Master Builder Academy.  Be sure to check out what times the classes run.


The LEGOLAND cafe was perfect for grabbing a drink and snack.  We ate before we left but if your little one hasn’t had lunch, a kids meal is available in a cool LEGO lunch box (pictured below).


As you exit, you walk through a gift shop on the way out so be prepared to have your child pulling on your arm asking for something. So decide beforehand if you want them to get something or not.  There are items in a variety of price ranges so you could get something small or spend a lot on something large.



Schools are letting out soon and finding activities to keep the kids busy can be challenging.  The LEGOLAND Discovery Center is a great outing on the hot summer days when you break from the heat.  It’s also a fun, rainy day adventure. Every Friday in June is Free Friend Friday, so grab a friend for lots of fun and building.

For more on ticket pricing and more event information, visit

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