Our New Puppy, SPORT

4 Jun

It all started after my parents dog spent a month with us.  After his departure, the girls were devastated and began asking for their own puppy.

Picture 18


I was introduced to The Happy’s, from the imagination of ZhuZhu Pets® toymaker Cepia, LLC, at the Time to Play Showcase.  The Happy’s feature the playful charm of a real puppy or kitty, The Happy’s give boys and girls the pet they’ve always wanted with a magical twist. Just like a real pet, they can be trained to perform tricks and their play is unpredictable. Their world is magical, a little silly and, most of all, lots of fun. 

  • They can chase a ball, do a trick – even follow you!
  • These pets dance to their favorite Samba tune, drive a car and ride a skateboard
  • They like to be tucked in at night in their own bed and blanket

The Happy’s at the Time to Play Showcase

As my girls wait for a real dog of their own, we have Sport. He is one of The Happy’s, a sweet Goldendoodle. Sport comes with a red Happy Treat bone, is obsessed with chasing balls and loves to perform a wiggle trick!  He’s as close to real as you can get without the house training issues or chewing up your furniture and shoes. Perfect for the kids who want a dog but the parents aren’t ready for one.  Sport, also known as “Happy” because my oldest thought that was his name since she saw a tag with Happy’s attached to the bone.  When we received Happy, my oldest was so excited she wrote a book about her “new dog”.  Both of my girls treat him as he is real.  Every morning, my youngest wakes up and plays with Sport, I hear his cute barks and sounds coming from her room.  She puts out her imaginary food in the morning as well and will occasionally put him in his “crate”. At night, my girls take turns making a bed for him next to theirs. They are having a lot of fun with him!



Other Pets in The Happy’s Line include:

  • Bentley – No ordinary retriever, Bentley’s a GOLDEN retriever and comes with the blue Happy Treat bone. His favorite trick is to chase his tail!
  • Chance – A Beagle that’s true to his name, Chance loves to explore and comes with an orange Happy Treat bone and will perform a jump trick!
  • Mittens – A pure cotton ball white kitty, Mittens is anything but high maintenance! She comes with a yellow fish treat and loves to sneak up with a purrfectly-timed pounce!
  • Thunder – A blaze of bright blue, Thunder comes with a red Happy Treat bone and loves to bolt across the room to perform his special wiggle trick!
  • Lady – With hot pink fur that is ‘meow-ta-sight’ Lady loves to pounce on her special blue fish Happy Treat.

The Happy’s Pets would make a great gift for birthdays, holidays, or when your little one starts asking for a pet of their own. Accessories, treats and playsets are compatible with all pets in The Happy’s Line.  See The Happy’s At Play by clicking the link.


For more information visit www.thehappys.com.  You can also find The Happy’s on Facebook and Twitter. Download the App here.


Disclaimer: I received a sample for the purpose of my own.  All opinions expressed are my own.



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