Littlest Pet Shop Season 3 Premiere and More For Your Littlest Pet Shop Fan

28 May


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“We can be (yeah), Who we wanna be (yeah), At Littlest Pet Shop, You and me”  The song resonates throughout our house on the weekends.  The girls are aloud to watch their iPads in the morning and their number one choice is watching Littlest Pet Shop.  Their favorite character is Blythe Baxter  and their favorite pets are Buttercream Sunday and Penny Ling.  They are huge fans so were excited when we were invited to attend a Season 3 premiere party in Bryant Park with Hasbro for Stroller in the City. 

At the event my girls got to check out the latest Littlest Pet Shop products.  This Fall, Littlest Pet Shop fans will be able to get creative and design their own Littlest Pet Shop World, inspired by the series.  Collect all the sets and put them together horizontally or vertically to create your own world . My girls had a lot of fun playing and are excited for it to become available.  Other new licensed products such as shoes, backpacks, activities and more were also on display.  It was hard pulling them away from all the cool products! 

Littlest Pet Shop2

Littlest Pet Shop

Be on the look out for a new App available at the end of Summer.  Kids will be able to scan their Littlest Pet Shop Pets as they collect them and have an interactive experience with them in their virtual Littlest Pet Shop World.

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After they played a little and started making wish lists for their birthdays and Christmas, we headed into a screening room to watch two episodes of Season 3 with one of their favorites, Penny Ling.  Set your DVR’s for your Littlest Pet shop fan(s), Season 3 premieres on the HUB Network Saturday, May 31 at 9:30 am EST.  In the first episode, “Sleeper”Vinnie and Sunil are charged by Russell with keeping a new day camper: A raccoon named Mr. VonFuzzlebut, who falls into a deep sleep and confuses the pets. Meanwhile, Fisher Bisket tries to uncover the secret to the Shop’s success. My girls had a wonderful time and enjoyed both episodes.  Laughter filled the room from kids and parents. I enjoyed watching as well!  There is lots of excitement in our house for the upcoming season.  We have a countdown going until the new season starts, only a few more days to go!

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Disclaimer: I received a gift bag for attending the event! Info in italics from Discovery Press &!


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