@Dannon Danimals® SuperStars Greek Low Fat Yogurt #PowerUp Afterschool Event

30 Apr

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Last week my oldest daughter and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and scooted to the Chelsea Piers Mind, Body Studio and Sports Center to celebrate Dannon’s newest product, Danimals® SuperStars Fat Greek Yogurt for kids.  Upon arrival, my daughter snapped a shot with the adorable mascot and headed in to try a sample of the new yogurt!  She absolutely loved it.  She then headed upstairs to participate in a variety of sports activities which included basketball, steal the bacon, and tug of war (her favorite).

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While the the kids were upstairs, bloggers were able to learn more about the product from the Danimals® team.  Danimals® SuperStars are available in 4oz 4-count packs in five delicious flavors made specifically for kids, including: Strawberry Slide, Strawberry Banana Sprint, Cotton Candy Thrill, Mixed Berry Half-Pipe and Cherry Rush. The names of the flavors make it fun for kids and more exciting for kids to eat. The yogurt has a creamy, mousse like texture. Pull back the top of the yogurt for fun Disney facts.


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Image from Dannon

Image from Dannon

After learning about Danimals® SuperStars Fat Greek Yogurt, pediatrician, author of Mommy Calls, and fellow mom, Dr. Tanya discussed healthy habits, the benefits of Danimals® SuperStars, and answered questions from guests.  Information she provided:

  • Added sugar? Remember all dairy has naturally occurring sugar.  Danimals have a low amount and Dannon is working to lower the added sugar content more.
  • Yogurt has live active cultures which are beneficial in digestive health, especially when you are sick.
  • Kids need 20g of protein per day.  Adults need 50g.  Good sources of protein other than meat include eggs, beans, & 3 servings of dairy (greek yogurt).
  • Dairy has calcium for bones and vitamin D.
  • Greek Yogurt is great to have in the morning, as a snack, and is also great for dipping bagels in.
  • Start kids on Whole Grain bread early on.  When buying bread and grains make sure there are at least 3g of fiber per serving.
  • Kids need at least 60 minutes of exercise a day.

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For more information about Dannon Danimals® SuperStars Fat Greek Yogurt see the Danimals SuperStars Fact Sheet, visit https://www.facebook.com/danimals http://instagram.com/dannonyogurt, or follow @Dannon on Twitter.

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