Introducing the #StokkeSteps

7 Feb

We’ve been huge Stokke® fans for quite some time! Every night when our girls bathe, they wash with their wash cloth glove and dry off with their matching hooded towels! The Stokke Scoot has gotten us around the streets of NYC and is a wonderful single stroller! Our Stokke Tripp Trapp has become a staple in our home. Not only does it get used for daily meals, it’s also used for hair salon in the morning (the only way I can get my girls to brush their hair), when they get their nails done (the bottom foot rest is perfect for pedicures), and when they create their masterpiece art projects! We’ve got so much Stokke®love, I couldn’t have been more excited when I heard Stokke® was launching a new product!


I was lucky to attend an exclusive preview and launch celebration of Stokke’s® newest innovation, Stokke Steps, with Momtrends, Stokke® and other bloggers. The celebration took place at Gary’s Loft. The space was absolutely gorgeous! The Momtrends team did an amazing job decorating to transform the space into a homey, loft-like feel. I was ready to move in! After admiring the beautiful space, mingling with fellow bloggers over a glass of wine, and snacking on delicious passed Scandinavian hors d’oeuvres we received a demonstration on how to use the new Stokke Steps.


The Stokke Steps was designed with the US market in mind. They created a four-legged chair that grows with your child and suitable from approximately 3 to 10 years. Stokke® goes above and beyond in their craftmanship and design, making a chic, stylish and compact high chair that can go with any decor (rustic, playful, or contemporary). The chair ($279) is available in walnut brown or natural, both with a white seat and footrest. Not only does it look fabulous but it’s multifunctional and practical-no more buying a million seats for every stage, it’s all in one!

Picture 26

Image from Stokke

When my girls were infants eating was difficult with baby in one arm and fork in the other. The only time I ended up eating was when I put them in their crib, in the swing, or left them on the play mat on the floor. I felt guilty leaving them but it was much easier to eat. With the Stokke Steps, you can now bring your infant from the living room, bathroom (for breakfast after the morning shower), or bedroom to the kitchen table in a mater of minutes with the integrated free-standing bouncer that collapses and fits on the chair. The footrest slides up and down so the chair can grow with you. Accessories are available for each stage of your child’s development.

Accessories available:

  • Bouncer ($199): Available in 4 color choices. Glides with natural movements (side to side and back and forth), several recline positions, an infant insert is used until your child has better head control and neck support, and attaches to the chair. A detachable toy hanger is included to promote motor skills. Birth- 20lbs.
  • Baby Set ($99.99): Transforms your chair into a high chair when your baby is ready to taste his/her first foods. Wipe clean
  • Baby Cushion ($49.99): Added cushion for extra comfort. Available in 4 colors.
  • Tray Attachment ($49.99): There were many times I left my daughter in her high chair with some Cheerios so I can finish cooking meals. The Tray Attachment makes it easier to bring your child to another room while they have a snack or play. Wipe clean, not dishwasher safe.

The Stokke® Steps is available now! Stokke® offers a 3 year warranty if you register online at For news, updates and more visit, like on Facebook, or follow @stokkebaby on Instagram and Twitter!

To learn more about Momtrends visit:

Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation for this post. All opinions expressed are my own! Any information about the product was received from the event or the Stokke website! I will receive a Stokke gift bag for attending the event. Thank you Momtrends and Stokke for a wonderful evening.

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