Daisy and Josephine Is “TuTu” Cute!

26 Jan


Walking home from haircuts we always stop at the puppy stores on Christopher St. During our second visit, my oldest daughter fell in love with a black French Bulldog she named Frenchie. She left the store in tears. And every time we go by she looks for Frenchie in hopes he’ll come home with us one day!  Any time she sees a French Bulldog, she gets so excited!


The other week I attended a Mamarazzi event with The MOMS to celebrate the release of Melissa Gilbert’s book, Daisy and Josephine.   My girls, especially my oldest, was so excited for the event and the book when she learned that Josephine was a “Frenchie”. The event took place at Bucco di Beppo in Times Square.  Dinner featured pizza, pasta, and salad. To drink, we sampled Arizona Iced Tea’s collaboration with Skinnygirl, the Skinnygirl Sparklers.  The kids tried Arizona Kidz!  My girls loved the (decaffeinated) flavors: Arnold Palmer and lemon iced tea.


After dinner, Melissa Gilbert arrived and read her adorable book about the friendship between Daisy and her French Bulldog, Josephine.  Similar to Melissa, Daisy grows up with a father in the entertainment business.  She was on the road often with him and found maintaining friendships difficult.  In the story, Daisy’s father gives her a puppy to keep her company!  Throughout the story they create a wonderful friendship and a special bond!

Image from The Moms

Image from The Moms

My daughter was elated to meet the real Josephine, who looked very similar to the Frenchie she fell in love with. We all know Melissa Gilbert as Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie.  My girls will forever remember her as the woman with the cutest French Bulldog, Josephine, with hot pink nails, a tutu and the author of their new favorite book!

Daisy and Josephine is available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon!


In a Q&A, Melissa Gilbert said she will be releasing a Prarie Cookbook in the near future with favorite recipes and some that were inspired by her time on the set of Little House on a Prarie!  Can’t wait to see the recipes and try them with the girls!

Dsclaimer:  I did not receive compensation for this post, all opinions expressed are my own.  We received dinner and a copy of the book for attending the event.

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