DramaLlama Studios Begin Classes January 25th!

21 Jan


There is lots of DRAMA in our house, as you can imagine with two girls. There is the occasional “drama” when they don’t get what they want but there is mostly afternoons inside playing dress up, creating their own performance and using their imagination to the fullest. They role play: house, mommy, daughter, teenager, they pretend they are musicians, dancers, artists and more. I’ve always thought about signing them up for a theatre class but never really looked into any.

I recently learned of DramaLlama Studios from Brunch with My Baby. I attended their launch trial class and media event with my 3-year-old. I was very pleased with the enthusiasm of founders (teachers) Stefanie Brown and Lesley McKinnel. They were engaging, entertaining, and encouraging to the children throughout the class. It took a little while for my daughter to warm-up, the class is meant for older kids, but by the end she had so much fun, she couldn’t leave without inviting Stefanie and Lesley  to her birthday party (hopefully birthdays will be in their future). DramaLlama Studioswill begin their first session on January 25th at Ripley Grier. The semester will last six weeks and each class is 3 hours on Saturday.  This summer they will have a summer camp.  The age range is from 7-14.  For class descriptions, registration, and more visit http://dramallamastudios.com/, follow @dramallama2014 on twitter or visit their facebook page!



Disclaimer:  I did not receive compensation for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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