Keeping Your Little One Close A Little Longer ( líllébaby Organic Carrier Review)

20 Jan

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I was introduced to líllébaby at the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower back in November.  I was given the líllébaby Complete Organic black baby carrier to review.  I relied on my carrier when my girls were younger but never thought about using it up to the weight limit with an older, heavier child.  It’s easy to forget my youngest is only three and still gets tired easily. When people meet my daughters for the first time, they always ask if they are twins. They are shocked when I tell them that my youngest is ONLY 3.  She is very tall, she wears the same size and has a bigger foot than my 5-year-old so I was a little hesitant trying the carrier with her.  Initially, I thought I would borrow a baby because there are times I help friends and watch their little ones and the carrier would be helpful.  I realized that there were some situations that an older child could use a carrier!


There are many times we can’t bring our stroller out and rely on the girls walking.   The other day I took the subway to a stop without an elevator. My youngest did fine walking most of the outing but towards the end she started getting tired. I brought the carrier in my bag, just in case, because I had bags to carry and knew I wouldn’t be able to carry them and her at the same time. It worked great for the walk home. I really miss the baby wearing days and wish I had done it more often so was excited to use the carrier with her. I wore her facing me because I wanted to snuggle with her and cherish the moment she was close.  Not to mention it kept her warm on the brutally cold winter day.  I have to admit, I was a little shocked that she fit in it, especially with all the winter gear.  I was also surprised at how comfortable it was.  Not long ago my husband was at my brother-in-laws, a five-story walk-up with no hallway to keep the stroller, and had to carry her all the way back to our apartment, not an easy task.  It would have been so much easier if we had the carrier to keep her from slipping down our jackets and would have distributed the weight evenly.  The carrier would also come in handy when there is a lot of snow its  hard to push the stroller though uncleared sidewalks and streets.  My youngest is funny about walking a lot in the snow and asks to be carried.


A few friends and cousins are expecting their first child in 2014! I am recommending and passing on the líllébaby Complete Organic Carrier since my daughter is almost to the weight limit.  I love that it is organic,  soft, available in different colors, an insert isn’t needed for the newborn stage, there are a variety of ways to carry your baby/ toddler, the weight limit goes up to 45 lbs to keep your “baby” close to you a little longer and it is machine washable for all the spit-up and snacks that land on it! 🙂

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Other reasons you’ll love the líllébaby Complete Organic Carrier:


  • Weight: 7 lbs- 45 lbs
  • No insert needed for newborns
  • All-in-one carrying- front, hip or back; baby face in, out, or in fetal position.
  • Ergonomic leg position in every setting, including when baby is facing forward.
  • Seat adjusts to perfectly fit baby at every stage and enables carrying through the otherwise “baby wearing gap.”
  • Adjustable neck support with elastic attachments gives ideal support while allowing for movement.
  • The adjustable torso is taller than most brands, giving your baby sturdier support and better posture.
  • Padded side straps protect baby from webbing.
  • Removable sleeping hood adjusts in length and includes elastic edging for comfortable fit. Protects from sun and wind, gives privacy and supports baby’s head while sleeping.


  • Ergonomic design with optimal weight distribution.
  • Unique lumbar support provides lower back support and prevents webbing strap from sliding and “cutting” into wearer’s waist.
  • Sliding adjustment chest strap with a mesh-lined pad that protects and simplifies locating buckle on your back.
  • Ergonomic shoulder pads are sturdy 3 inch (7.5 cm) wide with one inch thick (2.5 cm) premium foam.
  • Extra long straps generally fits adults body heights 5’ to 6’ 6 (fit may vary depending on body type and weight.)
  • Wide waist band with 1/4 inch high-performance foam.
Loving this unique design for 2014!

Love this design for 2014!

The líllébaby Complete Organic Carrier retails for $135. To learn more or see what’s new visit  líllé and follow on facebook and  @lillebaby on twitter


Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post, all opinions expressed are my own.  Information in italics, the photo of the black carrier and the photo of the logo are from líllé!

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