Harley’s Holiday In NYC (And A Gift Guide For Dogs)

9 Dec


Meet Harley, the family dog!   He lives with my parents but my girls have claimed all ownership.  He’s their best friend.  My youngest is head over heels and gives him  tummy rubs, hugs, and kisses all day long.  My parents are in the process of moving so Harley will be spending the Holidays with us!  A 75 pound Old English Bulldog in a NYC apartment with two busy girls and lots to get into! Crazy, right?  But the girls are so excited and they even picked out some Holiday attire and gifts for Harley to have on Christmas morning! See their gift guide below:


Harley’s Gift Guide from Petco and Unleashed by Petco:


Petco Holiday Spiffy Pals Fox Dog Toy, $9.99, What does the Fox Say?  I had to reference it, my girls LOVE the song.  Back in Virginia, Harley, got worked up by a fox in the neighborhood.  The girls thought this Holiday fox would be a funny gift for Harley!

Large KONG Goodie Bone Toy for Dogs, $17.99, Petco  Hide the treats in the bone and let the dog try to get the treat out.  A great way to keep Harley entertained and out of all the kid’s toys.

Petco Holiday Spiffy Pals Owl Blanket Dog Toy, $9.99  My youngest has a bunny blanket she loves.   She is so excited to give this owl to Harley because it is “just like her blankie”.

Petco Waste Bag Christmas Tree for Dogs, $14.99, Petco You can never have too many waste bags, especially in NYC.  One thing I cannot stand is when people leave dog waste in the middle of the sidewalk.  Pet waste bags are also great for baby diapers, I used them with both of my girls so they didn’t stink up the apartment! These bags are evergreen scented and fit most roll dispensers!

Petco Waste Bag Candy Cane for Dogs, $14.99, Petco Peppermint scented.

Kyjen Dog Games Tic Tac Twirl Dog Toy Puzzle, $17.99.  Harley is having a difficult time adjusting to the small apartment living.  He needs more activities to keep him busy.  Using eye-paw-mouth coordination and problem-solving skills, dogs learn to maneuver the doors to reach hidden treats.

Gift Card for a day at the salon, price varies on size of dog and service selected.  Who doesn’t love a spa day!  Harley will head to Petco for a nice Holiday bubble bath, nail trimming, toothbrushing, and more!

Chilly Dog Hand Knit Organic Wool Hoodie, $34.99, Unleashed by Petco  This sweater is adorable.  Harley got it a little early so he could walk the streets of New York in Holiday style.  He’s also not used to the cold so it keeps him nice and warm.  It was also used in our Holiday photo, posted on Instagram.

20131210-131344.jpg 20131210-131312.jpg 20131210-131044.jpg

Picture 47

Disclaimer:  I received a few sample products from Petco.  All opinions expressed are my own.  Images in gift guide are from  Petco and Unleashed by Petco.  Information in italics came from Petco.com

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