Cruising in the Joovy Caboose VaryLight {Review}

2 Dec


Choosing the right stroller is important, especially living in NYC (or any city). Strollers are like cars, it’s the main transportation to and from school, running errands, shopping, and getting place to place, especially when running late.  The type of stroller you need change as children get older and as your family grows.  I had a single stroller with a wheel board, however, I often found my girls fighting over who is going to sit in the seat.  After a long day of Kindergarten, my 5-year-old would want to sit on our way to afterschool activities while my 3 year-old fell asleep or sat because she couldn’t walk as far.


In expanded position.

I recently received the newest Joovy Caboose, The VaryLight, to review.  It is perfect for older children.  The name VaryLight comes from its ability to expand and contract for varying needs.  If my oldest is tired and wants to sit, I expand it giving a lot more room to sit on the back bench.  The stroller has a 3-position recline in the front seat.  When my youngest falls asleep in the front seat, my oldest sitting in the back, still has room with the seat slightly reclined.

The swivel front wheels make it easy to navigate when in the compacted position (43.5 inches long).  When the stroller is expanded it does takes up a bit of room (49.75 inches long). In a matter of minutes, it can easily  go back to the compact position by unclipping the clips on both sides, pulling the lever under the front seat and sliding the frame towards you, making navigating and storage easier.  There are green markers to let you know when both positions (extended and compacted) are in the correct place. There is also a built-in platform to stand on that makes hopping on and off easy for the days either of my girls want to walk.


I love to walk all over the city, however, there are the times that I need to jump in a cab with my girls and the stroller.  I love that the VaryLight folds up easily and everything folds together, with one hand.  Simply pull the lever on the handle bar up, push in and  then push forward as the frame collapses (see images below).  No messing with wheel boards to take them off or move seats around. Folded, the stroller is long, so I made sure to look for an SUV taxi with a large trunk.  It fit in with no problem.  I have not tried the trunk of a regular taxi.  My parents just moved to South Carolina and I know there will be many times I will be navigating through an airport alone.  The Caboose VaryLight to get to the gate and fold quickly to board the plane.



My girls love using their umbrellas.  They both were able to use an umbrella while sitting, NYC winters can get extremely windy and cold so there are often days they can’t use them.  The rain comer is all one piece and fits over both children easily (we used it when the stroller is contracted and there was plenty of room for both girls underneath).  There are two windows, one up front and one on the rear side to make handing drinks and snacks easy.  The girls loved popping their heads out to say hi. In addition to protecting them from the rain, it also protects them from the wind and keeps them warm.


In compact position with front tray removed.


The versitility of the VaryLight is amazing.  For the growing family a car seat adapter attaches to the front or rear of the stroller for the newest addition.

Picture 20

Image from Joovy

We love the Joovy Caboose VaryLight.  It meets our everyday needs and has been a great stroller thus far.  There are so many options whether we use it as a single or a double.  The VaryLight retails for $499.99 and is available at Joovy and will be available in stores soon!  The rain cover is sold seperately for $79.99.  A parent organizer with cup holders is also available for $29.99!

Features include:

Tandem stroller expands from a single to a double stroller.  

•    Swing-open tray.  
•    Car seat adapter installs on front or back of stroller.
•    3-position recline front seat.
•    Rear bench seat and standing platform for older child.
•    One-hand fold.  
•    Front-wheel suspension, front swivel-wheel locks, and rear brakes.  
•    Extra-large storage basket.

Find Joovy on Twitter, Instegram, and Facebook for more information about other great products for families.

Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation for this post all opinions and photos are my own unless otherwise noted.  Information in italics came from  I received a stroller and rain cover for the purpose of this review.  Thank you Joovy for making getting around the city easier for me!

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