Haunted Houses and Spooky Stories #Halloween

30 Oct

My girls have counted down the days until Halloween!  Every morning they wake up and ask “are we trick-or-treating today”?  My girls are also excited for Christmas and always ask if we can make gingerbread houses with their friends again.  Since it’s too early for Christmas decorations and we are in the Halloween spirit, we decided to make Haunted Houses.  Head to your local Food Emporium or Target for everything you need!



DSC_0119What you need:

How to make:

  • FIll the ziplock bags with the icing.  We added a little blue food coloring to one of our icing bags to add a little green.
  • Assemble the house using the graham crackers and the icing to hold it together. Front, back, and roof of the house need a whole graham cracker for each and the sides use 1/2 a graham cracker.  If you want an over hang for your house (my youngest did), break a graham cracker in half (long ways) and add it to the roof)    My girls needed help putting them together.


  • Have fun decorating with your favorite Halloween Sweets!






After the activity, read some spooky stories.  A few of our favorites (click on images to purchase):

Picture 19

Image from Barnes and Noble

Image from Barnes and Noble

Image from Barnes and Noble

Picture 21

Image from Barnes and Noble

Disclaimer:  I received Peeps Halloween candy from a “Sneak Peep” event I attended for the Holidays (post coming soon).  I discovered some of our favorite Halloween books at the Halloween Read-a-long with  Thirty Mommy and MBA Moms at the Mysterious Bookshop.

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