Halloween Treat Bag Picks

22 Oct

The countdown to Halloween has began.  It’s a little over a week away and the festivities begin this weekend.  We were putting up decorations when my daughter realized our treat bags were missing.  I told her we could use a pillow case like I used as a child and she thought that was the craziest idea ever.  My girls love accessories so it’s no surprise that they want a “pretty Halloween” bag.  I’ve been searching for Halloween bags that can be used every year, regardless of their costumes.  Here are my favorites (click on images to go to website to purchase):

Image from LottyLollipop on Etsy.

Handmade personalized jute bag.  Materials are hand painted, glittered, embellished, and personalized.  Image from LottyLollipop on Etsy.



Image from Creative Bags for Kids on Etsy

Love this treat bag.  All bags are handmade and made to order. Image from Creative Bags for Kids on Etsy


Image from Personal Creations

Glow in the Dark Bags from Personal Creations


Image from Strong Sparkles on Etsy

Light up the night with this personalized bucket  from Strong Sparkles on Etsy.  Image from Strong Sparkles


Image from Chasing Fireflies

Super cute and a very girly ghoul treat bag from Chasing Fireflies.  

Disclaimer:  All opinions expressed are my own.  Information about the treat bags came from the designer/brands website.  I did not receive compensation for this post.

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