Design Your Own Doll Shirts (#Upcycle #DIY)

2 Oct


My girls love their American Girl dolls.   I find American girl clothing all over the house because they are constantly changing their outfits.  We were visiting my parents not long ago so I could go through the years of baby clothes I have stored there.  They are moving and downsizing so it was finally time to part with five years of clothing.  While I was sorting through what I wanted to keep and giveaway, my daughters had a lot of fun looking at their old baby clothes.  At one point they were trying their newborn clothes on their stuffed animals and bitty babies, which got me thinking.  I had so many white onesies and kimono t-shirts in newborn sizes, I thought it would be a fun afternoon activity if my girls designed their own shirts for their dolls.  I headed to Michaels to pick up fabric markers and iron patches so my girls could start designing. Our next project will be Halloween shirts for their dolls (click the link for cute Halloween Iron ons from Etsy).  Follow on Instagram to see the designs we come up with!







Ironing is for adults only. My daughter put an X on her shirt to show me where to place the patch.



Disclaimer:  All opinions and ideas expressed are my own.  This activity requires adult supervision.  Preemie sizes work best with the dolls if buying plain shirts and onsies!

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