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Back-to-School: Our Favorite Backpacks & Bags

13 Aug

When I was a child, I always got excited for back-to-school shopping. One of my favorite shopping trips was looking for my backpack. Now I get to enjoy looking for backpacks with my two girls. My youngest is in pre-school and my oldest starting kindergarten. Some of our favorites found while shopping:

For the aspiring artist: My oldest could color and draw all day long. She fell in love with ALEX Craft Color a (Messanger) Bag she found at Boomerang Toys and requested it as her school bag for Kindergarten.


Image from Amazon

Make it Personal: Let your child pick his/her favorite color and design from Personal Creations and then add their name. A personalized backpack to start the year off right.


Image from Personal Creations

Keep It Simple: I popped into American apparel the other day and fell in love with this color-blocked backpack. Simple, bright, and fun.


Image from American Apparel

A Walk on The Wild SideJanSport was always my must-have backpack growing up so I had my girls look online with me.  The  Zebra print was a favorite for both girls on the Super FX bag.


Image from JanSport

For the little one: Beatrix NY has been a favorite for both of my girls. My oldest picked the owl for her first back pack when she started preschool. Last year my youngest chose the ice cream cone and loves it so much she decided she didn’t want a new one so will be using it again for the upcoming school year.  Love all the “creatures of the forest” Beatrix NY has. (Read my past post)


Image from Beatrix NY

Roll with It:  My oldest has had her eyes on the Pottery Barn Rolling Backpack for a while now.  Last year, getting her to carry her backpack was impossible because she complained “it was too heavy”.  She watched older kids roll their backpack by and immediately decided she might need a rolling backpack when she is a little older and needs to carry more for school.

Picture 9

Image from Pottery Barn Kids

This year my girls will be heading off to school with these bags pictured below, but will be keeping the others in mind for the future!


Coloring her backpack.

Coloring her “ALEX color a bag” to get ready for Back-to-School!

Have you purchased your backpack yet?  How often do you get a new one for your child?  What do you look for in a bag?

Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Back-to-School: Packing Lunch

13 Aug

Kindergarten is full day which means my daughter will need to bring lunch. She has already instructed me that she will need to bring lunch until she learns how to go through the lunch line. I assume she heard that from her Pre-K teacher or overheard me one evening talking to my husband. I plan to pack her lunch most days but regardless she has been asking when she will get her new lunchbox. I heard lunch is anytime between 11 and 1 so making sure the lunchbox is insulated is key because it may sit in the classroom for hours before being eaten. I have been online looking with her at different lunch boxes she may like and will keep her food from spoiling if she happens to have a later lunch time. Here is what I’ve found:

Pack It Cool: This cooler/ lunch bag folds up and can be put in the freezer, like a freezer pack. Unfold it and pack it with your lunch. It will keep food cold for up to 10 hours.


Image from Pack It

Pottery Barn Planet Box: I think I want this for myself :). I love the super cute design. I have never used planet box but have heard wonderful things. My daughter loves “lunchable” type meals and keeping food separate. This looks ideal for making your own “lunchable” for those who like to snack or have their food separate. It has a spot for an ice pack. The only downfall is that it’s pretty expensive.

Image from Pottery Barn

Image from Pottery Barn

Allermates “I Have Allergies” Lunch Box: A great lunch box for those with food allergies. The AllerMates lunch box will help remind teachers and cafeteria aides that your child has a food allergy. It comes with a card and Allermates cards to personalize to your child’s allergy.

Image from Allermates

Image from Allermates

Sugarbooger by O.R.E Lunch Bags: Every time I pass these at Whole Foods I have to stop and look. The designs for girls are beautiful.

Image from ORE

Image from ORE

BuiltNY Expandable Rolltop Lunch Bag from Target: Love that it can expand for the days that you need to pack a large lunch and extra snacks.

Picture 13

Image from Target

Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.  I received a sample from PackIt to review.