Bunny Love (@BarefootDreams)

13 Jul
Image from Barefoot Dreams

Image from Barefoot Dreams

When I was pregnant with my oldest child, my friend gave me a Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Bunny Buddie as a baby shower gift. She never got attached to it so it just sat in a drawer. A few years later,when my second was a few months old, my oldest found “Bunny” and gave it to her little sister. My youngest and “Bunny” have been inseparable ever since. Of course with the exception of when “Bunny” takes a bubble bath and she has to use the back-up bunny. She doesn’t like back-up bunny nearly as much and tosses it to the side as soon as her favorite bunny is done drying.
I mentioned in my MAM post that we can’t go anywhere without the duo “paci and bunny”. If they get left we have serious problems, especially bunny because my daughter has to rub her satin ears against her face to fall asleep; some part of bunny always has to be touching her. My youngest also gives bunny love by rubbing bunny against our cheeks. Bunny is her best friend and lovie so if something were to happen she would be heartbroken. We were an hour away from leaving for The beach for a week when I hear cries “bunny,bunny, bunny… ” coming from the other room as I was finishing packing. My older daughter kept saying don’t come in here Mom so I knew something had happened but I wasn’t ready for what I walked into.

20130713-080826.jpgMy heart sank when I saw “Bunny”. My youngest couldn’t stop crying, her sister hurt bunny. She was trying to steal it away why bunny split down the belly. My oldest started crying because she felt horrible and it was sweet because she kept telling my youngest she could have her teddy to sleep with. I knew that wasn’t going to work and the other bunny wouldn’t work so I had to start surgery on bunny before we jumped in the car for a long ride to the beach. Both girls fell asleep because they had gotten so upset. An hour later surgery was complete. Bunny will have a scar but my youngest was relieved when she woke up to bunny next to her and was even more excited to have her for the long car ride.


We love our Barefoot Dreams Bunny. One of the best gifts I received and although my oldest didn’t use it, my youngest has gotten so much love and joy from it.
Does your child have lovie or security blanket? Have you had a moment in which you lost it or it tore? What did you do?

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