Fun Food Friday: Flower Power

14 Jun

My girls are all about flowers. When we walk by the neighborhood garden, my oldest stops to see if any new flowers have bloomed. She is currently doing a gardening unit at school and is going to be a flower girl in a wedding this weekend so her interest has peaked even more recently. Every time we go to Whole Foods, both of my girls want to pick out fresh flowers for our apartment, which I don’t mind because fresh flowers always brighten up the place. We were home one rainy day when I decided we needed “flowers” for lunch to make the dull day a little brighter. We also talked about what my oldest was learning at school and her upcoming role as a flower girl.
I made due with what we had in our refrigerator and freezer but there ate many ways to alter the meal. How I made it:
Flower Pedals: round spinach and cheese ravioli
“Stigma”: halved cherry tomatoes, could also use halved meatballs
Stem and Leaves: sliced cucumber
For the leaves you can also use fresh basil.
You can also add Blueberries at the bottom of the “stem” to make it look like “dirt”.

Have a Happy Friday!

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