Sneaky Pete’s All Natural Oat Beverage

11 Apr
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I always worry if my girls have enough fiber in their diet. I have tried oatmeal for breakfast but they do not like the consistency and getting them to eat vegetables is often a challenging task. When it comes to juice and “special” drinks they have no problem guzzling them down which is why I was excited when I learned about Sneaky Pete’s, an all natural oat drink containing three grams of dietary oat fiber in each bottle. The 12 ounce PET bottles come in 5 refreshing flavors: apple, grape, mango, peach, and raspberry.  Sneaky Pete’s uses Stevia Extract, Erythritol, and Evaporated Cane Juice (all natural sweeteners) to create a delicious and smooth tasting fruit flavor.

My girls sampled the apple, grape, and raspberry flavors.  Raspberry was their favorite followed by grape than apple.  I tried a little of each flavor before my girls.  The drink was light and refreshing, especially when served chilled.  It wasn’t overly sweet like most juices my girls drink.   We served all of our drinks chilled because my girls prefer having cold drinks however you can serve Sneaky Pete’s warm for a more soothing drink.   When I took the drinks on-the-go  I made sure to bring a straw along with me to make sure they didn’t spill all over the place because they still have difficulty drinking from bottles.   If you or your child can’t finish all 12 oz, make sure to refrigerate it.  The girls enjoyed Sneaky Pete’s with breakfast and in the middle of the day for a thirst quenching drink.    We can’t wait to try the peach and mango flavors!

Check out Sneaky Pete’s FAQ’s page for more information about why fiber and oats are good for you! You can purchase Sneaky Pete’s at any of these stores or on their website (free shipping)!


Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.  I received samples for the purpose of this review.  All information in italics came from Sneaky Pete’s!

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