Friday Fun: St. Patrick’s Day

15 Mar

Minus the lack of space, apartment living is great.  There are so many kids in our building, it makes it easy to throw on slippers and head up to the elevator to go to a friend’s house.  No messing with coats, gloves, or strollers.  My oldest has met many nice girls in our building.  They are older by 2, even 4 years but they treat her like she is their age and have no problem coming over to play.  Recently, a mom and I started alternating apartments for PJ parties.  The girls gather on a Friday night in their pajamas to have dinner, watch a movie, eat popcorn, make art projects and play games.  Tonight is my night to host so we are going with a St. Patrick’s Day them since it is on Sunday.

The list of activities, all found on Pinterest, include:

Necklaces to wear on St. Patrick’s Day:  We are adapting the instructions by using dyed pasta because we do not have the wood beads.

Image from eighteen25

Image from eighteen25

“Lucky” Handprint Clovers to give to their parents:

Image from

Image from

For dinner the girls are going to have our favorite Nuovo Pasta in the shape of shamrocks.  On the side they will have “lucky” four leaf clover cucumber slices.


Instead of popcorn for the movie, the girls are going to snack on lucky charms and milk similar this adorable St. Patrick’s Day breakfast idea I found on Pinterest:

Have a Fun Friday and a Happy St. Patrick’s Day Weekend!

One Response to “Friday Fun: St. Patrick’s Day”

  1. Danielle March 15, 2013 at 6:08 pm #

    Love the handprint clovers and the idea of Lucky Charms instead if popcorn. How cute, have fun!

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