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SCOOT Around Town Stokke Chic

6 Mar
Image from Momtrends

Image from Momtrends

20130305-213906.jpgNot long ago I attended an event with Momtrends to introduce two strollers new to the market by Stokke . Most moms are familiar with the Stokke Xplory because of its unique look and height. Now in their line up of strollers is the Stokke Crusi, a multiconnection stroller that can be used as a single or double and the Stokke Scoot, a compact stroller. At the end of the event, I strolled out with the new Stokke Scoot for the purpose of this review (below). For a full recap of the event from Momtrends, click here.

Living in New York City, your stroller is your main set of wheels and your main accessory.   Finding a stroller that is easy to maneuver, put into a taxi, and looks great all at the same time is hard to find. When I started my stroller search, before my first, I had not heard of Stokke. The only stroller I had really seen or heard of was the Bugaboo. Since then I have gone through multiple brands of strollers trying to find the one that was ideal for my family and one that could be my main set of wheels and looks great. The Stokke Scoot is ideal for a baby or small toddler who does not have siblings or the older sibling is able to walk.  It has been perfect for our family because my oldest is rarely in the stroller since she is in school all day and is also old enough to walk.  Most days, it is just me and my youngest running errands in the Stokke Scoot so there is no need for a large double or big stroller.  Some of the features I love about the stroller:

  • Higher hight position to make child closer to interact when rear acing and exploring the world when facing front
  • A one-handed folding system, by far the easiest fold of all the strollers I have tried.
  • It is light weight, 22 lbs, and easy to carry or put into a taxi for city moms and cars for suburban moms on the go.  Also, ideal for families who travel frequently.
  • The under basket is big and is perfect for carrying groceries home or storing backpacks for school.
  • The tires don’t require a pump, my last stroller had air-filled tires that were always deflating and puncturing.
  • The cup holder is perfect for my morning coffee or water for my daughter.  Hoping an extra cup/ snack holder will be available in the future to place into the parasol opening.
  • Available in 7 fabulous colors, black melange is pictured.
  • My favorite is that the stroller can be pushed up to a table at a park, restaurant or caffè  and function as a high chair for a quick snack or a meal out with the family.

More below pictures:


Getting out of the snow for a quick snack!


Headed to School!

Easy Fold

Easy Fold!

Unzip the vent to check on your child or give them some air.  Step on the red for break and lift up with foot to unlock.

Unzip the vent to check on your child or give them some air. Step on the red for break and lift up with foot to unlock.

What you should know before buying:

  • Although the seat looks small, my daughter always seems comfortable and asks to ride in “her” stroller every morning.
  • Only two recline positions: upright/active or laying back/ rest.
  • Suitable from birth to up to 33 lbs
  • It is difficult getting up onto sidewalks when the child is faced toward you and there is no ramp.

The Stokke Scoot is available now and retails for $699.99! Click the link for a full demonstration.  Happy SCOOTing!

Disclaimer:  I did not receive compensation for this post.  I received a Stokke Scoot for this review and a gift bag for attending the Momtrends and Stokke launch event.  All opinions expressed are my own.