Valentine’s Gifts For Your Little Princess

11 Feb

My girls are excited for Valentine’s Day!  They know it is another Holiday in which you get more CANDY!  My oldest is all about chocolate while my youngest is into cookies and gummies.  Over the past couple weeks my oldest has dropped hints about receiving something a little more than just candy.  Most boxes of chocolate are made in a place that processes peanuts and tree nuts so it is hard to give that as a Valentine’s gift.  A few great gifts for a little Valentine Princess that aren’t candy:

Crayola Scented Nail Polish: My girls love having their nails done.  I found this fun set at Rite Aid.

Image from Amazon

Image from Amazon

Luna Star All Natural Make-up:  My daughter looks forward to going to her friends house every week because she has an awesome make-up kit and they love putting it on each other while playing dress up.  I have been looking for all-natural make up because both of my girls have sensitive skin.  While on the search for a make-up sets to give for Valentine’s Day I came across the Queen Fairy Set by Luna Star.  Find a store near you to find Luna Star make-up!

Picture 4

Image from Luna Star

Vanilla Cupcake Necklace with Heart Sprinkles:  My girls have this necklace and it is adorable to give as a birthday gift but would also make a sweet gift for your little Valentine.  The girls have received so many compliments and I have been asked often about where to find this beautiful necklace.    Head to Piccolini on Mulberry street.

Image from Piccolini

Image from Piccolini

A Scent-sational Valentine: An adorable  scratch and sniff book about a secret admirer who delivers a Valentine everyday the week before Valentine’s day.  My girls got this a few years ago but it was ripped up by a friend.  They will be so excited to receive it again.

Image from Barnes and Noble

Image from Barnes and Noble

Melissa and Doug Princess Crayon Set with Fairy Princess Coloring Pad:

Picture 8

Picture 9

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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