Valentine’s From The Heart!

6 Feb

My oldest daughter received a Melissa and Doug Mailbox for Christmas. It is one of her favorite toys because she enjoys writing letters.  I love to encourage her to write to people especially in a time that letters are rarely received and communication is done by text or e-mail.
20130206-185916.jpgLately, she has talked nonstop about Valentine’s day. She has picked out gifts for my husband and her sister. When I asked her about cards for family, friends, and classmates she said she wanted to create her own to make them “special”. I thought that was very impressive since store shelves are packed with Valentines of her favorite princess and tv show characters.  Naturally, my youngest said she wanted to do the same thing as her big sister.  When I was at Target the other week, I found blank pink cards and a lot of Valentine stickers in the $1.00 section when you first walk in. My girls have used various supplies and are working hard to get cards ready for next week.  Once they are finished they will add her favorite Yummy Earth Lollipops and stuff them in her mailbox to “send” out.

Making your own Valentine’s is a great way to keep busy when you are stuck inside and adds a little extra love to each one.  If you don’t have time to shop, I found these pre-packaged kits you can order online:

Sending lot’s of LOVE this Valentine’s Day!

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