Staying Healthy in 2013

15 Jan

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Knock on wood, my girls are off to a happy and healthy start in 2013. I try to stress to them the importance of hand washing or using sanitizer if we can’t get to a sink. If you have watched the news, or listened to parents talk you know there is a nationwide outbreak of the flu. I recently read that with the recent outbreak, a sports team has opted to tap elbows instead of the usual high-five after a game in hopes of preventing outbreaks among the kids- not such a bad idea when you think about kids dripping sweat and wiping noses on the field. With the large outbreak, it’s scary to think that this is only the start of the season and could go as late as May, according to the Center for Disease control.

With the promise to distribute $25,000 worth of cold & flu products to U.S. families in need, Vicks® has teamed up with the charity Baby Buggy, founded by Jessica Seinfeld. By sharing Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg’s Cold and Flu Survival Guide, Vicks® will donate a Vicks® Behind Ear Thermometer and Starry Night Humidifier to the non-profit. Find out how you can share and help those in need by clicking here.

Have a Happy and Healthy 2013!

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