Trick-or-Treating Alternatives!

31 Oct

Happy Halloween!  We are very fortunate to have power, water, and recently cable and internet.  I kind of wish I was without cable and internet because the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy is heartbreaking.  So many people without power, many lost their homes and valuable possessions so how can we think about Halloween? My girls don’t understand why trick-or-treating has been cancelled.  To them it’s devastating.  Here are a few ideas to celebrate Halloween with your child, if you don’t have power try to do them while it is still daylight:

1. Halloween Hunt:  My husband had a great idea. He said that the girls should dress up in their costumes and we can hide treats throughout our living room and they can go for a hunt with their baskets.

2. Trick-or-Treat Role Play: Go to some or all the doors in your home.  Put a Bucket and sign outside of one door saying:”Happy Halloween: please take one piece of candy.”  Have each parent go behind a door so when the kids knock you can answer. On other doors you can put a sign saying “no trick or treaters allowed”.

3. Spooky stories:  Sit in the dark with candles, perfect if you don’t have power, and let your child(ren) come up with a “spooky” story.

There is always a later time to celebrate with friends and family!  Looking forward to celebrating next week! Thinking about everyone impacted by Hurricane Sandy!

One Response to “Trick-or-Treating Alternatives!”

  1. Pam Kirkbride (@triplethreatmom) November 5, 2012 at 10:12 pm #

    LOVE your ideas. Wish we thought of them when we were stuck home in the dark. I’m glad you guys were ok and now back up and running! Hope to run into you (again!) soon!

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