Milk Diary: A New Collection Of Nursingwear for Fashionable Women

11 Oct

Nursing my girls was difficult for me. Breast feeding at home, no big deal but doing it in public never came easy to me. I stopped nursing my first daughter at six months and my second at four months. One reason I had difficulty nursing in public was because I didn’t have nursing tops or dresses, making it awkward to feed my girls because I had to lift up my entire shirt or go to the bathroom to take off the top of my dress. I never invested in nursing clothing because there wasn’t much to choose from and I could never find anything I liked.

I met Lana Hegstrom, founder of Milk Diary, at the MBA Mom’s Quincy Apparel fashion event I attend a few weeks ago. Milk Diary is a collection of sophisticated nursingwear designed for mother’s who are breastfeeding. Lena said she wanted to make nursing more of a convenient yet stylish experience for all nursing moms out there. The collection consists of nine styles: seven tops and two dresses in both woven and jersey knit. Milk Diary is sourced and produced in the U.S.A and can be purchased from Breast feeding in public may have been a little easier and I may have done it a little longer if I had the style and easy access that the Milk Diary brings to nursing mothers.

Some of my favorite pieces from the collection:

The Pleated Woven Shirt with Peplum in Blue Chambray. Hidden invisible zippers behind the most outer pleats for the nursing openings. (images below)

The Color Block Two Layer Knit Top in Onyx and Heather Grey. The inner layer top has slit openings and the loose tank top can be lifted for easy access to nurse. (Images below)

The Blouson Knit Top with Detachable Scarf in Indigo. The nursing opening is an elastic scoop neck that can be pulled down. The scarf can be used as nursing cover (Images below).

Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation for this post. All opinions expressed are my own. I have not tried on any of the clothes so am not sure about sizing and fit. All information about the collection came from the press release. All images are from

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