Bug Off

21 Aug

With the summer ending, I plan on spending as much time outside as I can.  Last weekend we were at a friend’s house BBQing and  my youngest got eaten alive by mosquitos. When she gets bites they swell and she is constantly itching. She has scars from the bites she got earlier in the summer. She dislikes getting sprayed so getting repellent on her is difficult. I was at Buy Buy Baby last night and came across Bugables ® Mosquito Repellent Stickers (click on link to purchase).   Bugables ® repellent is formulated with 100% natural oils (Lemongrass, Geraniol, and Citronella) .  Each package comes with five stickers which last for up to two hundred hours and cover four to six feet of area per sticker (LivingPestFree).  Both of my girls love stickers and will have to try them the next time we spend the day outside.

Disclaimer:  I have not tried this product so am not sure how effective it is.  It is a great idea to keep repellent on the girls and am going to trying it next time we are outside.  All information in italics came from livingpestfree.com.

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