Bed Time Wars

27 Jul

Bed time is the hardest time for us, especially in the summer.  Last night, we started our bed time routine at 5:30 and yet my youngest was still awake at 10 o’clock.  Our bedtime routine usually consists of a bath, brushing teeth, some IPAD time on the couch, then we slowly transition to the bedroom for a book and a game of 5 things (we come up with 5 things and the girls make a story).  And yes it is the 4 of us in the room on the bed. It usually takes an hour to an hour and a half to get both of the girls to sleep. Recently, both have left the room wanting water, a trip to the bathroom, or one last book.  It is a very tiring process, leaving little time for my husband and I to catch up on shows and talk. The next issue is the middle of the night, at least one if not both of the girls comes crawling into our room and we have to bring them back or give into little feet kicking us in the back.  And then comes morning…sometimes my friends are still at the bar when the girls are waking up for the day.  I try to tell them that 5 is not a reasonable time, especially when they go to bed at 10 some nights but they are full of energy (the kind I get when I have my triple shot latte).  How in the world do I get them in bed at a reasonable time, to sleep through the night, and stay in bed until a reasonable time?

I was shopping yesterday and stumbled across the Zazoo Kids Photo Clock.  The clock has a display of a sun when it is a proper time to be awake and a moon when it is time to rest or be sleeping.  I have heard about a similar clock but what I love about the Zazoo Clock is that it can be personalized and if the alarm clock does not work for the girls it can be used to play music, videos, and audio books.  It can also be used as a cute digital picture frame.  See the Zazoo website for more information.  It retails for around 89.99.  A little more than I would like to spend but if it will get my girls to have a regular sleep schedule it’s worth every cent. Now I just have to decide if I want to try it. 🙂

Disclaimer:  I did not receive compensation for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.  All photos and information about the product is from the Zazoo website.

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