Tea Party and Other Great Games

22 Jun

My older daughter, 3 1/2, has become interested in playing games together.  One evening she had my husband pull out Monopoly and asked him to teach her to play (way over her head).  We don’t have many games that are good for her to play.  I was telling a friend that she has a sparked interest in group games and she told me about a Cupcake Game her daughter, also 3 1/2, had received as a gift and loved.  We happened to be together at Hombom Toys, a new toy store in TriBeca, when we came across the Cupcake Game– a spinner game by Eeboo.  They had a variety of games by Eeboo so we let the girls pick which game they liked best.  My daughter ended up chosing the adorable Tea Party Spinner Game and LOVES it.  A week after getting the Tea Party game and playing at least twice a day, we went back to Hombom Toys for another game, this time she chose the Cupcake Spinner Game.  The Eeboo spinner games have been wonderful for Friday Fun Nights where we either watch a movie and have popcorn or play games.  They are also great for rainy days and super hot summer days. We have also taken the games to the park and laid out a blanket to play on days with beautiful weather.  I checked out Eeboo’s site to see what other products they have and they have a variety of products; puzzles, decorations, travel games, write me a story and more.  I look forward to purchasing more products and games by Eeboo.

About the games we purchased (all information in italics and images below are from Eeboo.com):

Spinner GamesEeboo has perfected the art of spinner games. The arrows on all their spinners are clear, so there is no question about where the arrow stops. Attached with a rivet on a spacer, the arrows spin freely with a flick of the finger. Each game takes a different tack to build the relational skills of game playing while promoting an assortment of literacy and math skills. Pieces are of sturdy card stock. Each contains clear directions with ideas for additional ways to play.

Time for Tea!
Spin for a plate and napkin first,
Then some tea to quench your thirst.
Mind your manners if you please
But lose a turn if you see bees!
Ta-ta for now, I have to run;
I finished first and I have won!

To play, just check the recipe, and spin for what you’ll need
To bake up perfect cupcakes, satisfaction guaranteed.
Even though it’s make believe, it’s splendid what you’ll learn.
Try not to spin the rotten egg, or you will lose a turn!
Be first to gather what you need and you will be a winner,
And an expert cupcake maker, without spoiling your dinner!

Disclaimer:  I did not receive compensation for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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