Enjoy Life Foods: Chewy Bars {Review}

13 Jun

Image from Enjoy Life Foods

I recently had the opportunity to try Enjoy Life Foods Chewy Bars in four flavors: Sunbutter Crunch, Caramel Apple, Coco Loco, and  Very Berry.  Each bar is portioned controlled to 1 oz and packed full of essential vitamins and minerals for added health benefits (Enjoy Life Foods ).  The texture or consistency is soft and chew and reminded me of a protein bar. My favorite flavors were the Coco Loco and the Sunbutter Crunch.  The Sunbutter Crunch is great for days I crave peanut butter and cannot have any due to my daughters peanut allergy.  My girls prefered the Very Berry bars since they love fruit and are full of a “very berry” flavor.

Images from Enjoy Life Foods. From left to right: Sunbutter CrunchCoco LocoVery BerryCaramel Apple

We eat Enjoy Life Foods Chewy Bars for breakfast and dip them in yogurt, my girls love dipping their right now. They also eat them as a snack between meals mainly when we are on long car rides or in the stroller because they don’t crumble like most cereal bars and are less of a mess.  Enjoy Life Foods Chewy Bars make a great addition to snack time at playgroups and at school because they are free of the 8 common allergies and kids can “eat freely“.  Not only do we love them for breakfast and snacks, they also make a great dessert- alone or with ice cream. I plan on making Crunchy Chocolate Dippers, from Enjoy Life, with the girls this weekend for our Fathers Day BBQ.

Taking a break to snack on an Enjoy Life Chewy Bar!

Too much scooting made her hungry. Snacking on an Enjoy Life Chewy Bar!

Find out where to buy Enjoy Life Chew Bars!  Check out great recipes using Enjoy Life Foods!

Disclaimer: I received 4 boxes of Enjoy Life Chewy Bars for the purpose of this review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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