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Baby Mash

19 Apr

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About a month ago I met Molly from Baby Mash at a MomTrends event.  She gave me a sample of Baby Mash Pumpkin and Oat teething biscuits to try.  Pela is about to get her two-year molars and is putting everything she can find in her mouth.  A few days ago she came across the sample of the biscuits I received from Molly and can’t put them down.  Maddie wanted to try one and Pela ran off with the bag and hid them.  If she loves them at 2, I can only imagine that an infant would too.  I wish I had them when my girls were going through the horrible teething stage to gnaw on to soothe their gums.   

About Baby Mash (from their website)Baby Mash was created after discovering that babies gnaw on everything  — I mean everything! — and being unable to find a biscuit that wasn’t rice based and loaded with sugar.  Teething Rings come in a variety of flavors and are allergy-friendly: free of dairy, soy and gluten — and not to mention vegan! They are baked in a facility that processes nut products, so unfortunately Maddie did not get to try them . To find out more, to purchase and see other available flavors visit Baby Mash on their site, facebook, twitter, and pinterest.

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Disclaimer:  I did not receive compensation for this post.  I received a sample for review.  All opinions expressed are my own.