Our Easter Basket: 5 Candy Alternatives

3 Apr

My girls have way too much sugar as it is.  They last thing I want is for the “Easter Bunny” to overload them with more, especially since Pela turns 2 this week and I am sure Maddie will want to have a cupcake for her everyday to celebrate.  I decided that I needed to find a few alternatives to filling their baskets.

1.  Seracon Indoor Herb Growing Kits:  I stumbled across them at my local Barnes and Noble.  They have different types of herbs depending on the region you choose.  The girls will be getting the Italia (Basil, Oregano, and Italian Parsley) and France (Lavendar, Thyme, and Roquette) kits.  They have so much fun watering the plants at my parents house I thought it would be great to have their own and it makes it even better we can use the herbs to cook together.

Image from barnesandnoble.com

Ready to take care of her own plant.

2.  A watering can to make sure the herbs get enough water.  Love these little ones my mom found at Target.

3. Horn:  The girls love their scooters.  With Spring finally here, the girls will ride them everywhere.  To make them stand out from other scooters, the girls will each get a princess horn.  Maddie has been asking for one for a while now, so she will be extremely excited when she sees it in her basket.

Image from Diapers.com

4. Fill Eggs with $$$:  When my girls get money their eyes light up.  Pela is still a little young but Maddie has a wallet and piggy bank.  She loves saving money.  We are going to Disney in May so when the girls get the money in their eggs they can put it in their wallets and use it for souvenirs in the park.

Image from About.com: Investing for Beginners

5.  Bubbles:  Love these Jelly Belly Bubbles.  The yummy smell of Jelly Beans without all the sugar.  I found the Banana clip on bubbles at Boomerang Toys.

Image from littlekidsinc.com

Image from littlekidsinc.com

Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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