Photo Op: Say CUPCAKE!

11 Mar

The one thing we lack in our apartment are professional pictures of the girls.  We have one picture of my husband and I with Maddie from before Pela was born.   We keep talking about getting them done but we never do.  We invested in a nice digital camera when I was pregnant with Maddie, swearing that I would capture every moment and not need professional photos done.  The only problem with that was you need to know how to use the camera to get good shots and then you have to print them. I have so many pictures of both of the girls but they are all on my memory cards. I regret not getting professional photos of the girls after they were born and when they turned 1.  Although, my pictures are ok, they are definitely not making it above the couch.

For the past couple of years we have gone back and forth with taking pictures.  Around the holidays we take the girls to see Santa and the Easter Bunny…that’s as professional as we have gotten.  When we get there the girls end up screaming and the pictures turn out comical and go right to the memory box.  This year I decided to skip the Easter Bunny.  My cousin in Virginia gets her kids pictures with chicks every Easter and they always turn out adorable. I googled where I could get pics of the girls done with chicks in New York City and came across Portrait Bug.  I immediately scheduled an appointment for their chick session, which take place the last two weekends in March.  Hopefully, I can get a good picture of the girls to go over the couch with or without the chicks.

As I was reading about Portrait Bug and all of their sessions, I came across the cupcake smash session for first birthdays!  How adorable to capture that moment the cupcake hits the child’s face.  As I mentioned, I regret not getting pictures done around the girls first birthday, as a lot of people do.  This is one photo opportunity that could be cherished for a lifetime and would be great decoration for your kitchen walls.

About the Portrait Bug Cupcake Smash(click to see more images):

Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation from this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.  All images are from Portrait Bug.

One Response to “Photo Op: Say CUPCAKE!”

  1. Jennifer Kenny March 12, 2012 at 9:29 am #

    We go to potrait bug every year around Rachel’s birthday. I love it!

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