Travel Thursday: What I Learned In New Orleans

8 Mar

What I learned in New Orleans A few weekends ago I went to New Orleans for a Bachelorette party. It was a great girls weekend away with my closest friends but it made me realize a few things:

  1.  I don’t regret being a young mom, being a parent at any age is difficult, but three days of drinking and staying out all night was more work then being a stay at home mom.  It took me a week to recover.
  2. I am terrified for the girls to become teenagers and young adults. It was college Spring Break and Mardi Gras had just ended. I saw so many girls showing their boobs and doing things for beads I never hope my girls do. It made me look at Spring Break from a parents perspective. I can only imagine what my parents were thinking when I went on Spring Break.
  3.  As much as I complain about how hard it is to stay home with the girls I missed them and my husband so much. I missed the laughter from their room in the morning, the hugs, random “I love you’s” throughout the day, snuggling on the couch before bed, goodnight kisses ,and even the screams.. A weekend away was needed but I was ready to get home to the girls by the end.
  4. New Orleans is more than just eating, drinking and beads. It has great shopping too.
  5.  Enjoy every bite of every meal when you don’t have children hanging on you and trying to run in circles around the restaurant. It was nice to sit and have a conversation with my close friends.

I was able to take some pictures of our culinary experiences to share in case any of you are ever there and need ideas for eating out. We did not have one bad meal while we were down there.  The food was DELICIOUS.

Mr. B's Bacon Wrapped Shrimp and Grits

Mr. B's Pecan Pie...I can't remember the last time I had something with nuts!

Cafe Du Monde- Amazing Beignets and Coffee Au Lait

Cafe Du Monde Beignet's: Best Fresh!

Muffuletta (italian Meats, Cheese, and Olive Salad) from Central Grocery

A quick stop at Pat O'Briens for a Hurricane ( a little too sweet for me but I had to try one)!

Jacques- Imo's Cafe- A must if you go to New Orleans, great food and a great time. Try the Watermelon Mojito!

Jacques- Imo's Cafe: Shrimp and Alligator Sausage Cheesecake Appetizer

Grilled Mahi-Mahi at Jacques- Imo's Cafe

A great way to start brunch at Cafe Amelie!

Crawfish Fritatta at Cafe Amelie!

I couldn’t leave New Orleans without presents for the girls so I stopped into this little children’s store.  The girls each got a mask and an adorable book The Bourban Street Band is Back by Shankman & O’Neill.

One Response to “Travel Thursday: What I Learned In New Orleans”

  1. Danielle March 9, 2012 at 2:40 pm #

    Looks like a great time. I have never been to New Orleans, but it’s on my list.
    I feel guilty about being away from my daughter too, but I find you appreciate your time even more after some time apart.
    And as for our daughters ever going on spring break…yikes! Such a scary thought and unfortunately will be here too quickly. Wish we could keep them little forever!

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