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Table Time

20 Feb

Image from, came with 2 matching chairs.

I purchased our Crayola activity table about a year ago on sale for $10, not a bad deal.  It has served us well from mealtime to painting projects to being the base for many of our cooking activities.  I am sad to say it is time to move on since chair has bitten the dust and the table has holes in the plastic top.  Living in NYC, our apartment is small and our “livingroom” is also our “diningroom” and our “playroom”, so I am searching for something to fit our decor and last more than a year.

The girls and I have been sick the past week so there has been some time to surf the web for new tables.  Some tables that I have my eyes on are:

Otto  Play Table by Bloom:I love the cappuccino color and the fact it has to sliding trays for storing art supplies.  It is a great design that would fit perfectly in our multi-purpose room.  I would also use it as a coffee table when the girls are asleep or when we have guests over, since the chairs nest with the table.  The only downfall is that it retails for $450, a little more than I would like to spend for a kids table but it is beautiful.

Image from

Chalk Table by P’kolino: Great table for arts and crafts.  At mealtime. store your crafts and art supplies in the center storage area, flip the chalkboard over, and you have a fully functioning table to eat at.  Although it looks more for a playroom and all of our furniture is dark wood, I still love the all white and the price, $90, is better looking than $450.

Image from P'

Espresso Here, There, Anywhere Play Table from The Land of Nod: I love this table.  It looks like our table and chairs.  I also love that you can easily add more chairs for friends.  The only downfall is there is no storage, which for us is a big feature.  The table retails for $119 with the option to mix and match chairs, sold separately, in a variety of colors and styles starting at $69 (see The Land of Nod for more options).  My favorite are the storage chairs, $75 each.

Image from

Image of storage chairs from

So many decisions to make to make our apartment look more like a home and less like a playroom.  I’m still looking but these are my favorites so far.  Any other suggestions?

Disclaimer:  I did not receive compensation for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.