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A “House of Love”

13 Feb

A month ago I was at our local Barnes and Noble and came across the Dancing Deer Gingerbread Cookie House Kit on sale.  We never got around to making a house over the holidays so decided to get it to decorate a “House of Love” for Valentine’s Day.  We finally got around to making it over the weekend while we were visiting my parents. We followed the directions from the kit, which the mold of the house is the box, which we frosted with the icing mix which came with the kit.  I prepared the icing before and had to ice the house one side at a time to keep it from hardening.  The icing dried faster than I expected, luckily my mom was there to add water for me. We opted not to use the cookies for the roof and used candy hearts instead.  To decorate the rest of the house we used valentine’s m&m’s, candy corn, heart gummies and twizzlers. Maddie had a great time decorating and Pela had a great time sneaking candy. The house is a great table top decoration for a Valentine’s dinner or party.  If you have a gingerbread house* mold or graham crackers* for a smaller one, it would be a great Valentine’s day activity.  You will also need Royal Icing* and your favorite Valentine’s candy.  * I have not tried these recipes.

Using leftover Valentine Funfetti frosting to make ginger girls!

Caught sneaking candy!