10 Jan

We go through sandwich baggies like crazy in our house.  I use them for snacks and sandwiches for the girls when we are on the go, meeting friends for a picnic in the park, and when Maddie brings lunch to school for days she stays after.  Not only do I use them for food, but I use them to store Maddie’s play jewelry and small parts to her toys.  I throw out so many bags because I have used them for food or they are ripped easily when the girls play with the toys.  I was on Etsy today and stumbled across handmade reusable sandwich bags by WasteNot Saks.   All bags are hand made with a cotton exterior and a nylon interior and are machine washable. A few of my favorites (images from WasteNot Saks):

Pink Elephants WasteNot Sandwich Sak

Rock On WasteNot Sandwich Sak

Fruit Stand WasteNot Snack Sak

Other sites to find reusable sandwich and snack bags:

ReUsies: Check out their cute prints and their drying rack.

Doe Eyed Two Pack, Image from

LunchSkins: Check out their super cool prints Sub-size Bags

Snow Flake LunchSkins Bag, Image from

Not sure how they will work for the toys but GO GREEN, SAVE MONEY and give your child a UNIQUE look to their LUNCH and SNACK!

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